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  1. Hi i was in desperate need for a new car battery I went to the local Halfords Autocenter on Monday, I was told they didn't have any in stock and would order one in. I was told it would be in the next day. They didn't call me to let me know of a cost or what options would be available to me. The next day I returned first thing and had a battery fitted at a cost of £121.72, at the time I sucked up the cost as my old battery was dead but since then I thought I must've defiantly been over charged!? I have searched for the battery th
  2. so the defaults have dropped off my credit file as expected however...they have now written to me saying I owe them 2 separate amounts. Surely as now the defaults have passed the are statue barred? Also I have no idea where they've come from. Do I ignore or should I send them a statue barred letter?
  3. The default is due to fall off on the 7th august so not long, I have never received any letters or calls from them so after this date am I right in thinking not to worry about anything?
  4. So after a routine check of my credit file this morning I found 2 new entries from motor mile finance, extremely surprised as I have been regularly checking my credit file for the last 6 years. They are supposedly 2 defaults from 2008, I have no idea who this company is or have I ever received any correspondence from them. I cleared all my debt in 2009 and worked on rebuilding my credit, I got a mortgage in 2012 and now have a good credit score. I contacted Experian to query this and await a response. Both entries are listed on the same day in 2008 but I have absolutely no idea what they are f
  5. The previous warning was 6 months ago under a previous gm and is not related. My decision to choose my day off when a major sorting event was on, this should have been a priority in my planning. An email which was sent stating lack of financial recognition and deemed unprofessional Thanks
  6. I sent it to all the managers who run the same departments in my company. I said ' Hear at xxxx we are sitting at the bottom of the league table desperate to get our heads above water, whilst we have fantastic sales v budget we have yet to have any recognition as the buzz word is xxx xxx xxx (this being the name of the performance target I was asking for help with)...so? What are you all doing to get more responses? What do you do in house which we may not be doing? what works for you? Thanks This email was then forwarded to my gm from another gm with 'your mana
  7. They followed procedure, I was called into an investigation meeting followed by a letter of invite to the disciplinary. I am a manager of my own department so write my own rota for me and my team. This then gets authorized by my gm and accounts manager the week before. I am contracted to 5 days out of 7 and had worked 6 days that week so I did not need to book the day off.
  8. yes I got the warning. its just he said I was getting a letter then it turned out to be a warning
  9. I have had the formal disciplinary which is when I was told of the final written, I haven't received a letter yet, do they have to send it to me? Yes the person holding the hearing was also annoyed that they had to and not my actual boss
  10. its just a ticking off as such to try and prompt you to improve, I had a previous first warning on file from 6 months ago which is apparently why its gone to final. My issue is I was told I was getting a letter of concern so this was predetermined. Also the person holding the hearing already new the outcome aswell so again predetermined. My line manager didn't hold the hearing
  11. Hi So I have been given a final written warning for the following two reasons: my decision to have a day off on a major sporting event, this should have been a priority in my weekly planning an email I sent out which was deemed unprofessional and suggested a lack of recognition for my financial performance. I will be appealing on the grounds that, my manager authorizes my Rota the week before it comes out so if this was an issue why was it not raised then. Also the fact that I had in fact worked 6/7 days that week and am only contracted to 5 days. 3 of t
  12. I have outstanding loans with wagedayadvance,wonga & quickquid. I have £160 to wda and have been in a payment plan with them for 3 months now so all going well and they were happy to help. I have spoken with wonga today who have accepted my payment plan offer and stopped my interest. With regards to quickquid i have yet to organise a payment plan and this is the biggest outstanding debt however i'm not in a position to offer any money, they have yet to take action - phew. In the mean time i did need some cash this month so stupidly taken out another loan however i will be in a positio
  13. Hello all In september 2006 i enrolled on a course at the local college, however on the enrollment day i was told to go to the finance department with my letter from my local l.e.a. which had information about the amount of student loan and tuition fees payment i would be getting and then they could process the payment to pay my tuition fees, unfortunaly for me i had misenterpreted the letter and was not getting any contribution towards my fees...therefore an outstanding balance of £1325.00 was due. I spoke with the finance department and told them i would not be able to pay and we talked
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