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  1. I wrote to Amex asking them to review my account for PPI on Amex blue card. I do not have any information or account details. Amex wrote back and said they cannot find any details, and unless I can confirm the card number, they will not review this further. The card was held in around 1997-99 I think. Is there anything I can do?
  2. hi - thanks for your reply. the NatWest one is for a loan. Apologies for the outburst earlier.
  3. Well, thanks all for your critique of my shortcomings when it comes to dealing with this. I didn't think this was a site for that, but wrong again! Wish I was as clever as some of you. If anyone actually wants to help: Cabot (originally Capital One) balance £260 Motormile Finance (Uncle Buck) £160 Motormile (MEM) £205 Motormile (Lending Stream £280 AIC (Natwest) £2000 Cabot (Smile loan £7,450 and smile card £613) Capquest (next) £620 Have two others subject to ccj all these debts are from 2007-2012
  4. Hi I have old debts ranging from £11k to £200, around £30k total. All have been sold on to DCAs, some debts moved on 4 times. Even on £7k debts I only pay £1 to £5 per month and there is no pressure from any DCA to pay more. Most of these debts defaulted in 2006/7 and I am unsure whether to keep going basically forever with this or should I question the debts?
  5. Hi I can confirm that is the details i've used for PDE Can anyone confirm the bank details of Liquid Advance or Speedy Dosh please?
  6. Blimey! How often did they call? Was it at work or on mobile/home phone? p>
  7. Good news on the arrangement. Any chance of a summary of OFCOMS rules on contact? Thanks
  8. will that enable them to glean my bank details? Maybe not I suppose, as they would already have account number etc anyway
  9. HiI appreciate what you are saying, but the bank details to me are important - without that I cant make them a payment, as I'm not going to let them have card details. Some of the users here have those details - cant someone give them to me?Finally, should I expect harrassing calls at work? That is a worry for me....
  10. Sorry - I'm not sitting on any fence. I've made formal complaints before about more than 1 payday lender, but in this case i havent even told PDE that there's a problem with repayment yet, therefore there's no complaint to make yet.I would like, if anyone can give it: a) the most useful contact/email address at PDE, and b) PDE's bank detailsMaybe i didnt make myself clear enough in earlier posts?
  11. Thanks Sillygirl - I dont need to complain to third parties YET - i'm just really interested in who is best to contact, and to get their bank details so I can start making payments to them manually. I've been through this type of thing with others such as CFO, Wonga etc, but before I 'start the ball rolling' with PDE I would like to be fore-armed!
  12. Hi I have a problem with PDE - i have an o/s loan that i cant pay back other than to ask for an installment plan - can i get some advice (by PM if preferred) about how best to approach it and also to get their bank details so I can start making payments on my terms by standing order? I have sorted out 5 other payday loan co's in the past, but PDE seem the most daunting from what i've read
  13. Hi I had real trouble with Capital Finance One, so I raised a formal complaint with the BCCA (British cheque cashers association) who got involved, and pretty quickly CFO agreed to a repayment plan
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