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  1. Hi guys, Do you mind if I asked what ever happened with this? As I have a disputed overdraft default with LTSB with a default dated feb 2009 and have just checked my credit file and it has been assigned to this IND Ltd crew as of december 2012 so I fear I am going to be issued with the same bombardment!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm in desperate need of some advice here. Aberdeen City Council mucked up our application for council tax exemption as when they wrote to the University to confirm student status they spelled my flatmates name completely wrong and obviously they could not find a match for her in the University system to confirm she was a student and how long for. So I called them and told them what they had done (after she sent them 2 letters explaining) and they said they required her to go into University and get a letter from them stating that she is indeed a full time student. She got this from them and posted it to the council and yet they have told the court to go ahead and process a summary warrant for an outstanding balance of ~£1300. What should we do? I cannot imagine Scott&Co buying it if we call them and tell them the council have mucked things up, but at the same time we've sent them everything we needed to send them and yet this still happens. Of course they never sent us any proper letters regarding the settling of the problem, just automated postal reminders to pay the outstanding 'debt' for which we owe nothing anyway! Any advice on the best course of action would be greatly appreciated. X
  3. Dear Charlie - Trust me I am glad you have been saved from this hell cycle. Good work.
  4. Just spoke to my bank who said that they can still take money out of my account from the cancelled card if it is a subscription / regular payment even though the card has been stopped or cancelled! so basically they are going to rob me of every penny that ever comes into this account?! What can I even do!
  5. I set up an arrangement to pay back my debt by installments with this company when my hours were cut at work and I was unable to pay back my loan with them in full. In spite of me adhering to the plan, they managed to take £20 from my account using a debit card I HAD CANCELLED!!. Im due to have money paid into my account tomorrow (a hardship grant from my University - I'm a postgrad student) and I dont want it to get swallowed up by CFO. How can they take money from me from a cancelled card? I have called my bank and they said that sometimes cancelling the card does not guarantee that it cannot be used again - what a pile of..... Any advice will be greatfully received guys Xx
  6. Hi MsW Thanks for those threads I have read them carefully though is there anywhere that has the templates that I can send to them? Regards T03
  7. Thanks msweather and anyone else I know all the information is on here I just dont know where to start or where to find it - I have looked Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated
  8. thats what I thought! yeah someone else got the same thing on the same day as me!!! Its so so bad isnt it! What am I going to do God
  9. So guys, Ive had it with the threats and the random figures they have been spitting out about how much I owe them. Once again I have had a final demand to pay XXX.XX for a loan which was for £100.00 In fact, I had one email from Toothfairy themselves at 8am saying I owed one amount but by the time NDR contacted me 3 hours later I owed them £91.00 more! So theyve said that I either pay the full outstanding balance (which is close to £800) on a monthly basis at £100 per month, or I can pay a settlement figure of £350.00 in the next 6 days... I cant pull that amount out of my *ss I am not interested in doing either of these things for a £100 loan. So the court is my only way to go but I need your help! Firstly, I want to request the balance that I owe as a full statement with the exact costs and how they are calculated. Is there a template on here that allows me to do that? Also I want to counterclaim for harassment based on their communications with me over the last few months to include several different email addresses and most recently, my facebook account. Do you think I have the grounds to do this? Finally I want to write to them asking for a copy of the original agreement I signed with TFF. Is there a template anywhere on this forum I can modify to do this? Have I left anything out? I really feel like I am out of my depth in the vast information available on here and really need guidance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Clarity will write you a letter and will be much more professional in their handling of this. The biggest advice here is to cancel your debit card and your direct debit. If they have your debit card number they will milk your bank account for every penny you have. It is then almost impossible to get the money back - in fact you probably wont. Please don't panic - it is an understandably difficult situation to be in but PTP won't care - Clarity will be much easier to deal with. Take care and try to stay calm.
  11. This company really must be a bunch of mates operating out of someones mums garage............
  12. I got the exact same message on Facebook yesterday mate dont worry I've reported it to Facebook as harassment and blocked the person from contacting me I am also seeking legal advice.
  13. Yeah thats who I emailed and he forwarded my letter(s) to a lady in the senior management team who was just as equally unhelpful as everyone else I've spoken to so far :'(
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