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  1. It's has been and gone now folks! He paid for it himself, he had just enough to cover his last journey! Thanks for the replies! RI
  2. Stigman, thanks but that template seems to be for a Subject Access Request! I realise that you probably need to find out what charges have been implemented but is there a template for actually claiming? RI
  3. Hi All, If a Credit Card debt has been passed around differerent lowlife debt collectors can the unfair charges still be claimed back? If so, who do you claim against? Is it the Original Creditor or the lowlife debt collector that now holds the debt? Does this just apply to credit cards or can unfair charges be claimed back against catalogue companies and mail order shopping companies? Thanks, RI
  4. He was on state benefits as far as I know, I haven't the first idea of where he was banking or collecting these benefits as he was estranged from me for quite a long time. RI
  5. Hello, My father is terminally ill and I have been told by the hospital that he isn't going to last much longer. He is undergoing Palliative care and is so 'out of it' he is unable to say what he would like and I do not think he has a will or insurance. I am so upset by the fact that I cannot afford his funeral that it is overshadowing my whole life at the moment. I'm in debt to my eyeballs and have trouble making ends meet let alone paying the £3,500 that a small funeral is going to cost. My father lives in EIRE and I live in N. Ireland. Does anyone know if there
  6. Hi skyblue2027, You might find some useful info here:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?302694-Electronic-Signature-for-Online-Applications A few of us have had the same 'Digital Signature Application' rubbish returned to us upon request of a CCA. RI
  7. I'm too 'long in the tooth' and 'thick skinned' to let a comment from a troll bother me and his opinion is irrelevant. Although, I cannot fully understand from my above post, why he has launched such a scathing and hurtful personal attack on me? I think Brig makes it quite clear that he makes 'debt avoidance' his own personal hobby or maybe he put his other '11 successful mediations' down to other circumstances, I'd dearly love to know how he actually separates the 'can't pays' from the 'won't pays'. Perhaps there is a formula? The fact that he 'thinks' that he can judge me
  8. Hi All, I have 2 Credit Card debts (£1,600 & £2,400) that are in dispute because of unfulfilled CCA requests and my wife has got 2 Credit Card debts (£1,700 and £1,600) and considerably more 'smaller' catalog type debts (approx £7,000 worth) all with various pond **** DCA's who are hounding us to the brink of insanity. Strangely, Lowell's seem to be getting most of them, maybe they think they can get blood out of a stone? There is NOT one CCA for any of them that could be considered 'enforcable'. Due to the recent changes and the dodgy area of claiming unenforcability e
  9. I reckon sometimes they just 'stick on' a load of charges 'trying their luck' in the hope that some mug will pay them. What absolute parasites! Tell 'em to 'get bent'! RI
  10. Just the usual DCA 'pish and wind', I'd totally ignore them! Your obvious worry and anxiety is exactly the desired type of reaction that a DCA prays for when they issue their threats of 'this or that' happening to you. They are banking on the recipient being frightened and concerned by this kind of communication. It is the way that they make money by fleecing the unweary! They are rubbing their hands in anticipation of people being scared of their threats and paying them money they cannot afford, I've been there and I know how worried you will be. You will ring them up
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