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  1. Thanks Lamma. The post office have said they are happy to support my appeal and will put a letter together. I've seen threads about the flower seller case is that similar, it seems in a lot of similar cases to mine they found in the publics favour rather than the councils. Do you think they are just trying to scare me into settling £70? Should I get the letter from the postoffice and write back rather than email? Thanks for your help Lamma
  2. oh your so helpful not, get a life and give your head a shake.
  3. Hiya Guys I've not come on here for a bit but I really need some help re a parking fine. I got a parking fine for parking on a single yellow. My friend who is always on the moneysavingexpert forums told me to dispute and told me what to dispute under because on the website for Martin Lewis it mentioned how to get out of them. Well I tried and they declined so I challenged again and thought I cant be bothered anymore so I will pay £35 well I went to pay and it said £70 so I emailed them. They are now saying tough we can make you pay £70.00. I will copy the email correspondence so that y
  4. Hiya I hope this is the best place for this thread but I could not see any other relevant parts. I wondered if anyone has come across this or can give me any advice. The drama all started on Friday when I got home to find a card from a collections man from Leeds City Council asking my husband to contact him. The council tax for this house is in my name and all the payments are uptodate and never had an issue so I was confussed why he had come knocking especially when we have had no letters. My husband today rang them to be told that they want over £1000 in council tax. He used t
  5. Me i never want credit ever again. Im going to go bankrupt ive decided. IVA is rubbish they just cease everything. I have been told my house should be safe as its classed as negative equity and a friend can buy their interest for a £1 plus my morgage is £350 which is cheaper than rent. Will probably lose the car as its on finance however if it is ceased i will get given a few hundred to get a run around. I feel better now i know which way to go. Once its done im debt free and can start again. Debt advice line are brilliant and coped with my tears and helped me see the light a
  6. hiya you would still be subject to £50 xs however if you but in the letter that you feel that as a gesture of good will due to the distress caused you should have it waived then they might not deduct it. You obviously had a nice Dr to fill in the certificate they normal dont do a think without a fee. Good luck x
  7. Hi Guys ive just caught up on it all. PLEASE put in you letter that you are not in regular contact with the family member involved this will sway the decline heavily. We previously paid a claim on the basis that the customer did not live near their relative and wasnt in regular contact so there was no reason that they would disclose their medical history to a member of the family they are not necessarly close to. The medical certificates are classed as necessary paperwork to assess a claim and the fee the Drs charge range from £10 to £70 in some cases. The fee charged is purly an admin fee w
  8. Gold Lady please be extremely careful - they have strange ways of dealing with lump claims. There are hundreds of different types however they class a lump as a lump often which is not correct. Depending on the policy you have they may exclude cover for any futher lumps at renewal. Depending on the lump type depends how much treatment will be involved and the likelyhood of reoccurance. Do you know the name the vet gave you and i might be able to let you know. Tesco for example on the standard 12 month policy deal with lump claims by type. The main claims are for lipomas which are harmles
  9. Ok i will be careful - he wouldnt say much on the phone just that i needed to go see him urgently in person
  10. Lemon Twist your correct the time does matter and they will use the police report to determine it - or they should depends if they have the brains to check the documents. Its only ex gratia if they pay out something that is specially covered. If its a grey area then it would be paid normally and not as ex gratia. Normally ex gratia is where someone has guarnteed cover and costs have resulted from that so the customer has incurred costs from incorrect advice. Always follow the complaints procedure - the amount of declines i over turn is staggering. The claims handlers dont always have
  11. I spoke to one of my contacts at Natwest Pudsey in Leeds today and told him the situation basically said sort it or i will go bankrupt and you get nothing. He has told me to come see him next week and he will see if he can put a payment plan in place. So i guess its reduce payments and freeze interest? I will let you know. They still havnt replied to the email i sent a few days ago suprise suprise
  12. It is still a major factor Gyzmo your right. In the current climate the insurance companies are tighening their belts and if we may not win the case we often pay out even if technically it shouldnt be covered. There is no point us spending time defending the complaint for it to go to FOS as then we pay a case fee plus if we lose we have to pay interest on top of the settlement figure so in some cases we end up paying double than had we backed down and paid the claim.
  13. I have tried to ring the debt line 3 times today and cant get through it rings for 9 minutes and then cuts you off. Any ideas people ? Oh and Natwest have not replied to the email :-|
  14. Globel Excel are not highly thought of - we do not use them but i have come across cases which i have reviewed for other claims agents and they are not the best. Sali you have been treated unfairling. AA need to pay the case fee. All assistance companies charge case fees to the insurer for when they assist a client. This fee is for the insurance company to pay not you. The fees vary from £75 to £275. Unfortunatly most travel policies will have clauses regarding non travelling relatives. Depending on the policy and the destination depends on what you need to declare. Travel insurance is
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