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  1. I guess as you're saying not surprising somebody not been in touch but glad you have got it and it helped


    looks like I am sorted just worried after September with this all going on my other options only UC and not going to get as over £16K in savings


    just over and want to protect for a house deposit and so forth just being in position no other except my Pip and do not want to use half that to support parents as that was not what Pip  was for it


    was for my hearing aids given the expense of them.

  2. Now this is sorted Turn2Us is saying 322 a month are they right?


    Second question is in normal circumsances I would have signed on 27 March normally a Friday, so I assume next payment I would be expecting to receive 15 April as would be the 10th April and then the 29th is that right?

  3. Sorry unclebulgaria67


    All new to me


    • Signed on for this 6 March
    • Had interview 9 March
    • Letter sent 26 March got told entitled to it
    • Understand 7 Day wait
    • Does that mean I'd get first payment 3 April or 11 April would rest March be included minus 7 days
    • Then payment 11 April and 30 April respectively
    • My signon usually Fridays would have been 27 March



  4. Hello

    I know because of current situation things may take bit longer should I have had response now about my New Style JSA claim. ?

    I started it 6 March. If I am entitled to it my next sign on would have been 27 March and I know these are now cancelled but as I had sign on a Friday does payment still fall on a Wednsday like the old system?

    I have had no letter since 9 March and not informed if entitled to it I know patient now because of backlogs and the present situation but was not sure how long takes on average to process I assume two weeks as in a normal situaiton


  5. Hello


    I am wondering if I should complain to my current personal injruy solicitor about my nervous breakdown claim or would the matter get worse?


    I am greatful they took it on as most people don't like that claim


    I sought some time ago; around May 2010.


    I feel I need to complain as lost nearly £15,000 and lot of money after tax.


    It is still on going but I have been told lot of causation issues not told what they are.


    I answered all questions asked there were 19


    I asked in May 2010 if I should pursue an employment constructive dismissal and discrimination claim same time in conjunction had not got single reply, once solicitors email and letter were blank. They did not put their out of office on telling me they were away. I said should I pursue employment claim as well - not even we do not know. I was told stress being factored.


    I was about to phone; two weeks before my hearing aids got built up with wax and stopped working; I am unable to use phone without hearing aids; they came back day after the ET1 was due for submission


    I was not told by personal injury solicitors case passed to another case holder making me think done something wrong


    Last written letter Feb 2011


    I have said I am prepared to see physiatrist to prove the former employer made me ill


    Had the PHR Dec 2010; the judge said if it had been in time it would have been a good valid claim


    Former employer refusing to deal with the personal injury side any further e.g. not following personal injury protocol which is different to employment law I know. CAB told me to carry on personal injury stress claim



  6. Hi Honeybee


    Update - my manager is much more people skill orentied; she asked who upset me instead of vice versa so she will make note. She told me not to worry about pre screening it is so they know how to cover me - but will not affect my job. She will not get them near me if they ever apply for a job there and I had reassurance I will be there next year


    So glad no dole ever again

  7. If you did not get on with someone who you used to work who caused your illness can you refuse to work with that person or best to speak to management


    Also. I have had two accidents and nervous breakdown, I have done a pre health screening. I am not allowed to stand for hour or more, no lifting. If I have given too much away can it cost me the job. I assume as I'm honest etc

  8. Hello the personal injury solicitors are tress and depression claim, the pre hearing review was disability discrimination - I thought two seperate issues. But the personal injury solicitor is also dealing with the matter when I fell off my chair and also resulting in second accident which I was still lifting five reams of paper which I should not have been doing. I had manual handling in September 2008 after first as not provided prior; however not in this a video was shown or I was not advised to turn with my feet

  9. I filed a letter before action saying if they do not pay in next 10-20 days civil court proceedings documents will be issued to them. Basically personal injury protocol has not been followed for my illness. They wrote back saying it concluded at employment tribunal in December 2010 and are under no obligation to discuss further; can they do this. This was for the constructive dismissal and disability discrimination . The claim for February 2010 is for my nervous breakdown which valid sick note they did not come round to find out who upset me; I now need to be on anti depressents for forseeable future. The judge said would have been a good valid claim - I said may I remind you what the judge said.


    Is the judges oath being broken by them.


    The employment claim was handled with one firm of solicitors and the physical illness depression is with someone else - surely two different matters. e.g. surely personal injury solicitor is a different matter to employment law solciitor

  10. Hi Rebel


    I fell off my chair and was forced to carry on lift 5 reams of paper which resulted in further damage to my slipped disc. I reported it - they blamed cleaners for moving my chair - I put do not move as I had it sepcifically adjusted. My old manager said she would ignore me because the report said I was better, without an assessment. My GP signed me off with stress from nervous breakdown in February 2010. My old manager said but you are after I said I am not thick

  11. Hello


    I have been involved in two industrial accidents, for which I am 20 percent disabled on one


    The other I fell off my chair they refused to investigate that also and I was doing more than I should e.g. no reasonable adjustments.. Can a second one be made for Industrial Injury Benefit on this and


    I had a nervous breakdown in February 2010. Am I eligible to apply for ESA as I am restricted in lifting five reams of paper e.g. anything over 5 kilos. I am fine working sat down but if I stand for an hour or more my Sciatica from my slipped disc or is there another benefit for that



  12. Hello


    As most of you know I suffered nervous breakdown last year following injurying my back


    I am pleased to say I am going to start new job initially six months. I got distinction in my diploma so I've proved other people I am not thick which they claimed. Even though not successful at ET I was proud that the judge said would have been a good valid claim! - only hope now that the personal injury for depression gets settled.


    I was head hunted for the job and I got a job doing something which I studied for now. Just hope no dole ever again.


    I only hope now that no future bullying happens but I wanted to thank CAG for their support. Unfortunately my claim for my injury is still on going as I had a vaid sick note for stress they did not attempt to find out who upset me just so disgusting but not about the money about principle.


    In regards to subject, to avoid this from happening. I've purchased a diary to support me. I also, wondered, is it worth my while joining the union if they have one - would it bring any beneficial requirement; I suppose they would be there to offer support on pensions etc


    Many thanks again

  13. Hello


    I have been doing unpaid work experience last few weeks but due to start new job I did not apply for and was head hunted.


    I have to carry on signing on till I obviously get a start date, but I was wondering if someone could help me write a letter please to job centre to expalin it is not voluntary work - but unpaid work experience.


    In short sense, the job centre are taking it as voluntary work and threatening to shorten my benefits - I am doing under 16 hours a week; and it is all completely unpaid and I'm grateful as been told different person from my nervous breakdown




  14. Hello


    I was wondering how long a basic crb will take to process. I had an enhanced one done some time and was cleared so I am not worried; but can I tell them I had a full one or is each company different.


    I just have been offered six month contract to begin with for a job I did not apply for and they found me so really chuffed just hoping now can be there for years and years

  15. Hello


    Please can anyone suggest any ideas on what I can put for reasons for leaving my last job on application forms. As you know I was bullied and victimised I left on doctors advice - had industrial accident and then I had a nervous breakdown from bullying - I had a valid stress sick note for that period. Should I be putting personal reasons or anything else. I recently put ill health I just don't know if that's stopping me getting a job. If I am asked at interviews too how can I answer, thinking along the lines having some health problems, needing to recover from those, now that I have I am seeking a new challenge




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