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  1. I guess as you're saying not surprising somebody not been in touch but glad you have got it and it helped looks like I am sorted just worried after September with this all going on my other options only UC and not going to get as over £16K in savings just over and want to protect for a house deposit and so forth just being in position no other except my Pip and do not want to use half that to support parents as that was not what Pip was for it was for my hearing aids given the expense of them.
  2. Thank you unclebulgaria67 I am sorry for being a pain thought be sure. It says will stop 11 Sept I assume just be £74.35 only in September? Thanks again and hope to donate to forum when in work
  3. unclebulgaria67 have they overpaid me or is there error here or something else 2 April says DWP GB FP LP FUNDING £156.65 15 April says DWP JSA £146.20 Is this correct so 29 April be £151.20? Thanks
  4. Ok thank you unclebulgaria67 sorry for being a pain just been so confusing.
  5. Now this is sorted Turn2Us is saying 322 a month are they right? Second question is in normal circumsances I would have signed on 27 March normally a Friday, so I assume next payment I would be expecting to receive 15 April as would be the 10th April and then the 29th is that right?
  6. Going through today unclebulgaria67 somebody did not sign a box to see some info their end an error. Thanks for your time
  7. Thanks unclebulgaria67 No nothing in on those dates you said I will see what happens 3 April. I will advise the update. Thanks again for your time.
  8. Sorry unclebulgaria67 All new to me Signed on for this 6 March Had interview 9 March Letter sent 26 March got told entitled to it Understand 7 Day wait Does that mean I'd get first payment 3 April or 11 April would rest March be included minus 7 days Then payment 11 April and 30 April respectively My signon usually Fridays would have been 27 March Thanks
  9. Thanks unclebulgaria67 received an acceptance letter today and Pip for my hearing aids as they're so expensive.
  10. Hello I know because of current situation things may take bit longer should I have had response now about my New Style JSA claim. ? I started it 6 March. If I am entitled to it my next sign on would have been 27 March and I know these are now cancelled but as I had sign on a Friday does payment still fall on a Wednsday like the old system? I have had no letter since 9 March and not informed if entitled to it I know patient now because of backlogs and the present situation but was not sure how long takes on average to process I assume two weeks as in a normal situaiton Thank
  11. Hello I am wondering if I should complain to my current personal injruy solicitor about my nervous breakdown claim or would the matter get worse? I am greatful they took it on as most people don't like that claim I sought some time ago; around May 2010. I feel I need to complain as lost nearly £15,000 and lot of money after tax. It is still on going but I have been told lot of causation issues not told what they are. I answered all questions asked there were 19 I asked in May 2010 if I should pursue an employment constructive dismissal and discrimination cla
  12. Hi Yes feel so much better. Wish I had done my diploma 3 years ago then I wouldn't have had my accidents - thank you so much for the help; i'll donate soon
  13. Hi Honeybee Update - my manager is much more people skill orentied; she asked who upset me instead of vice versa so she will make note. She told me not to worry about pre screening it is so they know how to cover me - but will not affect my job. She will not get them near me if they ever apply for a job there and I had reassurance I will be there next year So glad no dole ever again
  14. Hi Honeybee No one has joined yet but if they do. Also about the lifting etc - in new job they said I had to fill out a health screening form they said
  15. If you did not get on with someone who you used to work who caused your illness can you refuse to work with that person or best to speak to management Also. I have had two accidents and nervous breakdown, I have done a pre health screening. I am not allowed to stand for hour or more, no lifting. If I have given too much away can it cost me the job. I assume as I'm honest etc
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