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  1. Hi everybody, all your information is invaluable - I still have no tickets and no response from the seller - plus when I tried calling ebay yesterday they now request you have a pin ID to get through to them so gave up after holding for absolute ages because I had to pick up children. Anyway I have much more confidence to proceed with the Police and start the proceedings from there. It was interesting to hear a law enforcement option on the ebay number though so will be passing that on to the Police too.Once again thanks for the info - will update the post and let you know how I get on.Thanks.
  2. Oh sorry! I was advised that they would be sent once they had been received from the promoters which would be 2-4 weeks before. I do know there is still time as concert is 3 weeks today but it is just the lack of response from the seller
  3. Hi there, no as I say was very silly but have been on ebay for years and probably one of the lucky ones that have never had any problems but paid for them on 2/11. I doubt whether they have been lost in the post as have tried contacting the seller on 4 occassions now via e-mail since 5/5 with no response
  4. Hi, Nobody needs to say how stupid I am I know but that aside has anybody had experience of this or can help.I purchased some concert tickets off ebay back in November and currently waiting for them to be received. I ordered 6 (2 of one seller, 4 off another) 2 have arrived but I am getting no response from the other seller.I have checked their ebay profile and they have had no activity on their account since November. I paid via paypal and of course you only have 90 days to appeal. I was sent the ticket confirmation from Ticketmaster but items blanked out which I would have expected so no ala
  5. Hi - since this there has been numerous communication backwards and forwards including one to the CEO office as per an e-mail on the other thread but this is the latest - any advice?? I would like to point out though on 2/2 I put in writing re cancelling the contract so a lot of this information is just in accurate Dear Mr McClure, Thank you for your reply regarding this. I am sorry to hear that you do not feel that Vodafone gave you the correct information over the phone, I am sure that I did mention this to you. However, if not this is why I stated this in the letter. The re
  6. Back in May my husband purchased some tickets to go and see Beyonce at MEN. They were top priced tickets and were sold as 'on-stage' seating, this showed on the order confirmation and the tickets themselves. Upon collection from the Box Office the tickets showed GA which I presumed to be General Admission. I contacted Ticketmaster and the girl I spoke to said she had never seen this but when she checked it out said it was actually a seated area on the stage but it would be first come first serve for the seats. Anyway to cut a long story short we were unable to make it as my husband was called
  7. Hi, I was into my 11mth of my 18mth contract with vodafone when my phone was lost/stolen whilst on holiday. I immediately advised vodafone who put a block on the sim until it was certain that the phone was gone. On the 3rd January 2009 I rang customer services to advise that the phone was gone and could I have a replacement sim, which never arrived. Another phone call on the 13th Jan asking for an update when I was advised they had no record of my call on the 3rd but they would now send out the sim as requested and should be with me later that week. 28 days later still no sim, so I wrote
  8. Sounds good to me!!!! Thanks Lula.
  9. There seems to be a lot of mention to James and Inga whom I presume are in the legal dept when your claim gets to the court stage. Does anybody happen to have their e-mail / contact details at all. Maybe these could be posted to the contacts by a mod???? Otherwise could somebody PM them to me as will def be getting in touch with them shortly!!!! Many thanks
  10. U r a star Lula, thanks so much for that. Can not believe it has been left to the last minute but working under pressure is what I love. Finished it all anyway so just got to get it copied and get it sent SD tomorrow - fingers crossed . Thanks again.
  11. Can somebody possibly help me with the above? The clock is definitely ticking now
  12. I agree totally. I also won with HSBC and Alliance thanks to this website and again donated. Will be spending some of the in-laws money too WHEN we get it. Let's hope it is the same for her then!! Thanks again.
  13. Hi there, it is not too late. I added interest when I filed a claim after a GOGW. I used a spreadsheet from this site to calculate my interest, you just fill in your charge claim and interest charged, date etc. Go into the Bank Templates Library and Interest Calculation Spreadsheets. I used the Excel Advanced one which is really straight forward. Go onto the charges and interest tab and complete the relevant sections, i.e charge, date, interest charged, date and it automatically calculates everything for you. Ignore the 8% tab as this is used when you get to the court stage, as I am sure it
  14. Congrats, when did you submit your court bundle? I am just doing one for the mother-in-law which has to be in by Friday so panicing a bit myself!! You just think you are going to be the one they will go all the way with!!
  15. Hi there, Can anybody help me with the above if poss? Just getting everything together now and going to send the bundle off SD today if poss!!
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