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  1. My worry is that the government think it is in their interest NOT to pay back the charges as this would put a hole in the money they have bailed some of the banks out with. Also a decent/reasonable profit on future charges ensures that their ''stakehold'' in some of the banks is more sound. My guess anyway
  2. PAID IN FULL !! Straight into my cash...... No letter.... Handy few hundred that is..... Will make donation...
  3. I doubt you,ll get paid the part settlement either.Twice I asked for this and nothing yet. Just go for the full amount if I were you.
  4. I wouldn,t make your offer cassie. Its a waste of time.(been tried)They wont take you serious until you file the N1 Form. You should go for the full amount plus interest. Why should they have it? Good Luck
  5. Mine the 2nd and still no word. I have e mailed them and asked them why some people served on the 7th got the money and others served earlier have not. (I have told them the media would like hold of this fact!!) Halifax redress staff all not singing off the same song sheet I suspect.
  6. Ok Well done. Best to start your own thread for it and read thru the FAQ,s Good Luck
  7. Thought I,d start a thread to see if Halifax has paid anyone today. Saves fishing thru loads of threads.
  8. Well they have taken it so I would request last 6 yrs bank statements,add ALL the charges up. Then spend some time reading through this site. Then claim the lot back.Plus interest !! Remember to read through the FAQ,s Good Luck..Not that you,ll need it!
  9. Thanks David, Is that the po box 548 leeds number? As they are at a few addresses Ta Bill
  10. Sent paperclaim to court (exempt from charges) on 29th july. Received a court letter deemed served on 3rd August. Received halifax letter on the 4th August(coincidence!!) offering less than half.Shall I reply? Also this was the box 548 leeds address.Are they settling quick? Some other threads suggest so. Donation on way if it comes off thanks
  11. No Do not believe them !! Carry on with the step by step intructions and you will get refunded. They DO NOT WANT any court cases These are unlawful charges...... hope this helps Bill
  12. Hi Sent my pre lim letter for 415 on 4/07/06 got my letter before action ready to post on 19/7/06 if no reply. Will keep updated and donate if it comes off Bill
  13. Thanks mechs See how it works now... Is it best to address it to the DP department or just Halifax at trinity house? Any nonsense and i,m off down my branch.... Will donate if it comes off. Thank You
  14. New to the site so where do i find the FAQ,s ?
  15. Hi There I have e mailed Halifax requesting statments nos 1 - 49 as I can view 50 -79 online. After 3 emails they have not got back to me so should I start with the DPL and send them the five or ten pounds?Also should I send it recorded or shall I phone first and ask for statements? I can not find the step by step bit.Are all charges applicable?even the 2-3 pounds interest charges. I will make sure I Donate if I get the the approx 500 Many Thanks
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