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  1. Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply. it was a 12 month minimum term contract. I'm not sure if I have the first email but i got a reply stating that "Your Full Membership booking package has expired" so I assumed I was no longer a member from November 2015. I do have the other emails sent and received though including the initial reply to my 2nd cancellation request via their online form.
  2. Hi there, hoping for a bit of advice here please. I was a member of exercise4less for about 24 months but I decided to cancel in October 2015. I did this via their website via 'contact us' link. in November 2015 I received an email from the gym branch manager saying my membership had "expired". However, the monthly payments continued to be taken until I cancelled again via an online form and later cancelled the direct debit. I now have Harlands emailing me saying they won't cancel my membership until I pay another 9.99 fee and the admin charges. The balance is now about £69, which is a big increase from 9.99. I did email them to explain I cancelled in November and the expired membership email was proof that I was no longer a member! I cancelled again using the form just over a month ago but they said my membership wouldn't be cancelled I now have letters arriving saying further charges will be added. I just don't know how to respond now, I don't want this to mount up.
  3. Had a desperate plan but dont think it would work out. Could draw out my money back using the overdraft facility then send them a CCA request for this.
  4. thanks for your quick reply. I'll just have to claim back all the credit card charges with interest.
  5. Help anyone please! this debt was somehow passed pack to nasty west, i still had an account and they have taken payment out of my account for the full amount! Can they do this as they've defaulted on the CCA?
  6. Had another letter from wescot saying that they have tried to contact me. yes I know! Why the orange letter, whats a Telemessage? I think I'm gonna get loads of grief from them.
  7. Should i send a "Bemused" letter to Wescot like on some other posts on here? On the DC letters they say they are acting on behalf of the bank but are they or do they sell it on so it's now not the bank's problem. In other words do the bank really contact each DC in turn?
  8. HI, I haven't heard from BC yet the payment was due today and they've passed it on. I got the usual nice letter from somewhere called Wescot with lots of red ink used! BC said they'd start court proceedings if i missed a payment but they've passed it onto Wescot. what now?
  9. Thanks for the advice. I was refused the co op current account which I applied for online but they too recommended a cashminder. It sounded just like a savings account at 1st but just checked. I will try them again, Thanks.
  10. I still bank with nat west and have applied elsewhere for a bank account and was refused. As for claiming back charges I was going to see what reply I get from BC first if any! If BC& Co cant enforce the debt will it be passed back to Nat West or has this been sold on as its an old debt? I don't know how this works. The solicitor I saw said plead guilty to owing the money since there was only so much funding available for them to represent my case. I'm unemployed so had my legal expenses paid. Before I provided the solicitor with proof of income they would only send 2 letters to the DC then close my file. They were not willing to dispute my case due to funding issues. The other advice I was given was to apply for an administration order.
  11. HI, This is only my second post on here. I only have 2 debts to sort out. I have a Halifax credit card which was linked to a bank account. I could not afford the repayments since becoming unemployed. I sought advice from a solicitor who wrote to halifax to arrange a token payment of £5 per month. They kept adding charges when I was waiting to hear from them, after they topped up some charges they agreed to accept the token payment each month with a reduction in the rate of interest. I paid this but they continued to send me notices with late payment fees added on, which was unfair. They also took payment from the bank account, now it's closed since I reclaimed bank charges. Anyway, I have since stopped paying them and they've issued a default notice today after being £72 in arrears. My solicitor recons i just just sit back and wait for them to pass it on to a DC. Is this a good idea? apparatly DC are easier to deal with? How many payments do I need to miss before it's passed on? I intend to claim back all late paymet fees and send them a CCA request letter. I just want the charges and interest to stop!
  12. Just as well I kept the postal receipt, was signed for by a 'D Carter'. Does it not matter that I've offered a token payment or is this irrelevant? They'll have letters from my solicitor with offer of repayment. I don't want them to write back saying I've agreed to pay up. Anyway, I will be sending the letter tomorrow and wait to hear from them. I will let you know as soon as I do. The payment card came direct from a company called allpay.net [ allpay.net bill payment & collection solutions ] BC&Co must have set u a payment account for me. Thanks everyone for your help! The solicitor i saw just expected me to own up to everything and pay up basically. If got a ccj she said to "plead guilty". No one ever mentioned about the cca request or my rights, I found out most info from this website.
  13. Hi Everyone. I have been reading the threads about brian carter on here and have followed some advice regarding CCA request. However, I' a bit stuck on what to do next. Background: I had a NatWest student credit Credit card in 2003 while at uni, I stopped paying it and was passed to intrum justitia. I consulted a solicitor and agreed to pay £5.00 per month to IJ which I did without fail. In September 2008 intrum sent a strange letter saying they will pursuie collection proceedings then a few days later got a letter from BC & Co. Following that had all the threats including a letter saying I was going to court on 8th Oct 2008 (never did). I consulted a solicitor but they just said I should make an offer of repayment, which the solicitor did on my behalf. Her request was ignored and they demanded the full amount just over £800 (includes bank charges £200) Anyway after doing a bit of research I found out about the CCA and sent a template letter to BC and co asking for this to be sent to me. I sent it recorded delivery in October with £1 PO. I failed to hear from them until late December. They have now contacted my solicitor and sent me a pay point payment card with their name on it (BC & Co) I am to pay £5 a month to be received by 15th Jan but this will be reviewed in 3 months. I've read on here that this company has ceased to trade? I am also concerned that they have not provided me with a CCA. Should i just pay this amount each month or ask them again for the CCA? I would be grateful for any advice.
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