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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. In total I would have three claims (under £750 - Scotland). The current claim is the 2nd one. BoS have sent a gesture of goodwill offer of £750 which exceeds the current claim by £2 but with the condition that it is a "full and final" payment on all accounts. I had replied "without prejudice" saying that I would accept a full and final offer of £900&odds, being the full amount of remaining charges that I had intended to claim overall. Since then BoS have not responded. So I thought that the next thing to do was to send another letter accepting their £750 but "without further c
  3. I would really appreciate some advice before going any further. I don't really want to sign the acceptance form that the BoS sent out with their letter of offer, as I read another post saying that by doing so would be accepting their terms, i.e. "full & final". Could someone let me know if the following would be ok? "I refer to your letter of DDMMYYY and accept your offer of £XXX.XX without further conditions. I would be obliged if you would confirm to me within 14 days a date by which I will receive payment. If you do not respond, or you do not respond positively, within t
  4. Think I made a wee mistake, I did not put a time limit for the Bank to respond to my letter in reply to their GoGW offer, two weeks have now past. What I thought I should do now is send a similar letter giving 14 days to respond. If the bank don't do anything where do I stand? I haven't actually accepted the £750 offer, I said I would settle for the full amount of charges. If I don't hear anything do I accept the £750, wait for everything to clear, then start a new claim for the remainder?
  5. I have received a goodwill offer covering my second claim against BoS, which does cover this particular claim. The problem is that I have a third claim, but they want the offer to be accepted as full and final settlement. Would the following be acceptable as a reply requesting the total amount outstanding?: I refer to your letter of DDMMYYYY. I accept that you are entitled to recoup extra costs incurred, but it is unlawful for you to extract a profit in addition to these costs, which I believe you have been doing. With reference to your offer of £xxx.xx as full and final se
  6. BoS have settled in full prior to going to court (a date was set).
  7. Received microfiche records as originally requested - took about 80ish days from date of phone request, or about 47 days from Subject Access Request Letter - not sure which request these records stem from. So, on to first letter before action.....
  8. Thanks for all of your help. I think I'll take the slow route and deal with one claim at a time, feel more comfortable/safer this way. I had thought that as the bank had already settled on one claim, they might stump up the rest knowing that I'll take it to court.
  9. Have a claim with BoS that looks like will be settled this week. Also have further claims to be made after this one is done. Would it be worth enclosing a "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" letter with the next "Letter Before Action" saying that the total I will eventually be claiming is £xx.xx, and if refunded no further action will be taken?????????????? Would like to have all claims settled a.s.a.p., but with the £750 limit in Scotland it will drag out a bit. Any thoughts?
  10. Looks like BoS are about to settle before going to court - will update on this next week. Have further claims (Scotland - max £750) to be made after this one is done. Would it be worth enclosing a "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" letter with the next "Letter Before Action" saying that this is the total I will eventually be claiming, and if refunded no further action will be taken?????????????? Any thoughts?
  11. Sent letter requesting statements under Data Protection Act, 40 days are now up. Do I now go to court to extract info or are we still waiting on the Information Commissioner's Office to present their findings?
  12. Not sure what to do. Have been waiting to see what happens with the Information Commissioner's Office response to see if I'm likely to get the older statements without much more hastle. In the meantime should I go ahead and put through a claim for the newer charges that I already have the details for? Didn't want to do this incase some of the older stuff times-out. In Scotland, so max for small claim is £750 and can only go back 5 years.
  13. 2nd letter before action expires tomorrow. Going to Court!
  14. I take it there's nothing from the Information Commissioners Office yet?
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