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  1. Speak to your local health board/ foundation trust to get copies of your GP records. They will probably be on microfilm somewhere, even if the sugery is not open anymore. They should have been kept. Whether they can be found is another matter! Let me know how you get on. S
  2. Hi pete Thanks for the reply, I will do that. Thanks very much S
  3. Hi all I have been checking my credit files for about 12 months now with Checkmyfile. I was looking forward to a nice clear credit file this time next year but have now noticed on my Callcredit file as of this month, HSBC have registered a default against me in November 2006 and showing it as settled in November 2007! This is not showing on Experian or Equifax and did not show on Callcredit until this month. How can this happen? And why happen now, 3 years after the event? I also do not think that it was this date, but a couple of years before that and I also don't remember it being
  4. Just wondering - is this a conflict of interests, legal wise, all being in the same building? Lenders and collectors of same account holders?
  5. Thanks very much for that. I will be composing them an extremely polite note to that effect this evening (haha!) I used to be frightened of them as they were really nasty on the phone to me - one woman even accused me of hanging up on them! I told her it was my telephone and it was my prerogative (spelling?!) to speak or not speak to whom ever I wanted to on it. I also said that if they wanted more people to answer their phones, they should employ personnel to ring people up and not computers who treat you to a minutes silence! Have courage people and force DCAs to treat you with
  6. The Nat West account was closed in April 2004. On Equifax it says Company type: Debt collector but no date of default but has a "D" under April 2004. On Callcredit it says Natwest, date of default April 2004 but "D" symbols until June 2006 then locked symbols until present. The another file underneath this on says Capquest (Formerly FTC) default date April 2004 but has "D" symbols for just May & June this year. But I have had no notice of default from Capquest and no letters since last summer!!! And why should this be two separate files on my credit file? Surely it should just
  7. Hi all This lot have been pursuing me for a while now (at my in law's address - embarrassing!) , after a debt that was nearly 6 years old. I wish I had found this site before getting scared by their bullying tactics and started paying them last year!!! It was 2 accounts - one a Nat West account in my name for £300, which I stupidly paid off straight away, the other was a joint account (overdraft) at the Nat West with my husband. The thing was, they just had my name on this debt, not my husbands!!! I sent them complaint letters about their bullying tactics and the incorrec
  8. Thanks for that 42man, you have been most helpful. Just to clarify, I send this to the original creditor? If so, who would I address it to an would it be their registered office or their headquarters? I only received a letter after the court date (which I didn't attend to defend) from the finance company saying that I owe them £12,000ish now due to costs involved in taking me to court (I think, I cannot find the letter, was extremely ba at keeping things back then) and that interest would continue to be added. Oh and they also sent me a payment book with that which was most kind of t
  9. Hi 42man, thanks for replying. Did you mean a SAR to my car finance company? No, I haven't done this yet. Would it be to the original finance company I send it to their solicitors who are handling the CCJ? Do you know how I go about sending this as I am new to this site and am still reading other peoples posts about similar things! All I know really is that the settlement figure they quoted me years ago was for about £9000 and I had already paid off £6000 for a car that cost approx £10000. I was expecting the settlement to be about £4000 but they said I had to pay all the interest!! I
  10. Hi, everyone! I have just come across this site. It makes very informative and interesting reading! Looking for a bit of advice about a CCJ I have had for a while. This was for my car which I found I couldn't hand back to the finance company as they told me it was on a personal loan from them?! I thought this was a bit odd at the time especially as the settlement figure they quoted me included all the interest on the "loan". Just wondered if this is normal and what happens to the payments at the end of the CCJ (2 years away) - do they go up? I also can't get rid of the car as it st
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