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  1. I spoke to agent, they have said I can make reduced payments for a short time but if I can't get back up to correct rate their policy is too go to court for a ccj / charging order on the house.
  2. For exisiting customers they go higher, unfortunately!
  3. how much did you take out as on the site is max payback £60 a week. Including the interest we now owe £10,040 this is more than they usually lend they said but we had always been excellant customers. over 81 weeks
  4. Many Thanks for your replies - sorry I didnt say so before I am so stressed & het up I am not thinking straight. Again thanks, I can go to bed a little less worried about tomorrow now.
  5. Having not experienced this with Provident before can they send the heavies around? Heard of loan shark heavies threatening people? I can after paying priority bills only afford a maximum of £5 per week until situation improves is this enough on a £135 per week debt?
  6. Hi, I have had a provident loan for over a year now paying £60 per week, never missed a payment, 2 weeks ago I topped this loan up & agreed to repay £135 per week. I accepted as I knew I could afford the extra top up. Due to a sudden change in circumstances this weekend I no longer will be able to repay my weekly loan & dont know when the situation will improve. My agent comes out tomorrow morning & I am now really scared, I took the loan out in good faith honestly not knowing what was around the corner. I am worried as only a few months ago the agent was telling me about her manager having to go around to someones house to try & get payment out of them & the situation is all messy. Am i better not to answer the door but write, call & explain or get CAB to help? I dont know what is best to do & I have got so depressed this weekend I kniw I am not thinking straight for all the worries we now have not just this loan but the mortgage & priority debts we have to pay. Any advice or suggestions will help
  7. I have just rang the courts, the admin clerk said Natwest have applied for the stay to be lifted & this is what the court date is for. He is posting to me the letter today regarding the application to strikeout. He said they are claiming £22,000 - this covers a loan account and overdraft account. Is there anyway I can stop this, or not attend? I am disabled & just undergone major surgury.
  8. Can anyone give us some advice pls? Received court papers from the local county court. Saying " the judge orders 1, the application to strike out the defence must be heard on notice to the defendant & 2, the stay be lifted and the case transferred. Second letter states take notice that the general application will take place on 12th oct. I orginally defended the amounts due to charges but natwest have ignored my requests for charges to be refunded. What does this all mean & what should I do? Many Thanks
  9. Ok, questions I have. 1. i am not sure if this case was fast tracked, multi tracked or not allocated as I cant see anywhere on the paperwork none of these 3 options. 2. Does your appeal include any issues arising from the Human Rights Act 98? I am not sure? 3. Am I asking for a stay of exucution? as in the judgement order when I asked in the court hearing I was refused? 4. I cant get an appointment for legal advise & get paperwork in before the 21 days - can I get an extention? I have other questions but I will start off with these first. These forms are confusing I have read the accompaning booklet & notes still as clear as mud.
  10. Hi, I now need some advise to get this appeal started. I have filled out the tape transcription request. I have gone to the courts & collected the form N161 - Appellant's Notice. Is there anything else I need to do?
  11. Hi Any advice for us will be great. The company dismissed Mrs after 3 years service due to her ill health disability. She is now disabled due to a post preganacy illness. (Got whilst pregnant - & continued post birth) Anyway, the company has paid 4 weeks salary for notice, but states no holiday accruement is entitled. Now she has 78 days holidays over the last 2 years & has pointed out to HR that the Court of Appeals have said that workers on ling term sick should get their hols paid. The company have stated they will not be paying for hols as in their opinion of the appeal they do not have to pay anything before the june 09 date has this is when the court made the decision, Hr & manager also said they beleive this is still not finalised & they feel fair that 4 weeks is correct, they have run it past their in house legal team who agree I am not entitled to anything. Have I mis-understood the long term sickness appeal ruling? Unfortuanlty her absence management hearing was first cancelled as she was in hospital, then the company wanted her to attend 3 days later at the office 40 miles away she explained she couldnt get there, & could come to our home but they wouldnt allow her carer to attend as only a staff member or union rep (didnt have union) or know any staff members. All old collegues was made redudant. Anyway, they held it over the phone even when she stated she had just come out of hospital & was on a high strength of valium - they said that was ok they still needed to continue - is this fair / right? Sorry for all the questions I am just making sure she is protected the best I can. Cheers
  12. We got in at 10am, the baraster gave his long winded reasons & then the two witnesses gave theirstatements, then my witness, then each point of my defence was gone through. He kept asking me to now stop reading & put into my own words what each part of the law I was using actually meant to me & this case which I did. Then the judge asked the other side for further explanations, we had a 40 minute comfort break for toilet & drinks & went back in. Judge has some questions for us, then went through the summary of 45 mins approx. We only thought it would only be like a max 2 hrs as it was listed for. LOL - a body in the sofa, the way the judge scrunitised us it could of been possible!
  13. Hi Rhia, I called the courts this afternoon & they are sending out a list of transcription people. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow & monday & take it from there. The whole bit in court was approx 4.5 hrs & 45 mins the actually judges summing up bit - do I need just the summing up bit or the whole lot?
  14. Do I call the court that dealt with this for the transcript - telephone / write or is there a form? I haven't typed up my notes today as I have just felt so down & flat today, gone from being really angry to just feeling really low today. If I want to appeal how long do these transcripts roughtly take as I am on a deadline to appeal? Thanks Guys
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