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  1. Thank you Militantconsumer - will get into that x
  2. UPDATE I have uploaded the letter I received from Egg before Xmas for peoples information. (It is as 2 pdfs as I wasnt sure how best to do this). I sent off a SAR with £10 chq, and have only received half of the information I requested. They have sent details of the history of the loan account, which has no ppi, but have ignored completely the credit card account this letter pertains to and which I requested the history of. I am looking into where to go from here - any comments or suggestions welcome as ever! thank you GG egg letter 1.pdf egg letter 2.pdf
  3. Reading through this very excellent site, I have come across a few references to either NOT signing (ie. just printing) your name, or signing your name as usual but then putting a line through the signature. I have just sent off a letter to a bank without doing either of the above and suddenly feel sick...could they...would they... use a signature somewhere they shouldn't???!
  4. lol, here's hoping!!! 2009 has GOT to be a better year than the last...
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses - I'm going to get a Subject Access Request letter off tomorrow. I will also try to get my scanner up and running and will post a copy of the letter on here. (The letter also refers to the fact that I cancelled the PPI in April 2007, which fits in with my recollection, however they are still adding it to my account.) Thank you again, and I will update as I get more info. Gipsy Girl
  6. Just to say that I am busy reading up all the excellent info you guys have posted on threads across the forum: there is so much to take in! I think my course of action will be to start with submitting a Subject Access Request to Egg. I think I also understand why they have refered to the dates above as they seem to have acknowledged misselling to customers within this time frame. (??) I am still interested to hear from others who may have recived a similar letter from Egg? Gipsy Girl
  7. Hello All! This is my first post, and I am very glad I have found this forum! I have had an Egg credit card for some years, and was one of those customers they axed when they were taken over nearly a year ago. I am still paying off the c/c balance, which currently STILL HAS PPI added to the account. I cannot find anywhere on their site where I can opt out of this, and so am paying nearly £80 a month in PPI alone. I am currently unemployed and so am only paying back the minimum each month, plus their PPI. My real confusion lies in the letter they sent out to me before Xmas in response to the FSA investigation, suggesting I *may* be entitled to PPI refund for the period Oct 2005 - April 2007. The letter concludes that if I have any concerns with the way PPi was sold to me I should call a freephone number. My questions are these; Has anyone else received this letter? How can I stop these PPI payments? Can they be refunded to me, and what should I do next? I would prefer to put things in writing I think, rather than call them. Thank you in advance for any replies...I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice! Thank you Gipsy Girl
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