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  1. Hi all, I've tried reading a few threads and getting confused so though I'll post here, please note I'm dyslexic so please forgive spelling/gamma errors. I've just received a letter to an old address regarding a 40/80 fine for not SORNing a motorcycle that I am no longer on. I posted the V5C to DVLA last Julyish time but haven't heard back, but have moved house three times know since then. My first landlord has received a letter in Jan, which I was made aware of a day before the 40 going up to 80 fine in March. After the letter was received I replied back with est date
  2. Hi All, I've just done a credit check on myself and found o2 have outstanding contract on me. The contract was a 12 month contract which should of been cancelled approx 14 months ago. From doing the check its shows it shows 12 plus missed payment. There where some problems in month 10 when I moved house and bank where the account was passed to creditors. I paid the outstanding amount on the note the account would be terminated. Sadly I don't have any information regarding the creditors details around. I haven't received any emails or invoices regarding outstanding invoices
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