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  1. Hi all, I need some advice on an issue I've been having for months please. So February 1st of this year, I went to a Currys store and took out a mobile broadband contract with a laptop deal, where I paid £140 towards the laptop. I got told that I had 14 days in which to cancel. On the 14th February (the 13th day of my cancellation period), I went back to the store to cancel the broadband and pay off the remaining balance on the laptop. Currys told me that I had to get in touch with Vodafone, as they were the only ones that could cancel it. I went home, rang Vodafone and got told that sinc
  2. Ah, well that's good to hear hahaha. Thanks for your reply, I guess I'll have to go another way about sorting things out.
  3. Does anybody know if there's a way to improve a credit score? Apparently I have bad credit, but I honestly don't know how. I've never missed a payment with anyone, I even paid off my loan I had 2 years earlier than it was due. Now I want to borrow some money to pay off everything that I have on catalogues etc. and I've been declined because of credit scoring. So basically, is there a proven way to improve a credit score?
  4. Hi all, newbie to the site and this is my first post, so bear with me haha. Anyway, about a year or so ago I signed up to Littlewoods for a credit account, seemed a great idea at the time. They sent out a credit agreement that I was supposed to sign and send back, but I never signed it or sent it back. Does this mean that my account is in some way void? They continued to send out orders etc. even without my signature. Any views?
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