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  1. Layla - Even if you decide not to do anything else in the end, I'd definitely go through with the questionnaire. If there was racism there in the decision then they need to know that it's been picked up on and they haven't got away free without any questions. Might make them less likely to do it next time. Good luck with whatever you decide, anyway. From experience I know that racism is often very hard to call. These days not much of it is overt, in your face and easily provable. Is it a coincidence that you didn't get the job or is there more to it? One is very aware and careful of being accused of 'playing the race card', but at the same time foolish discrimination and prejudice is extremely hard to just put up with.
  2. What a horror story and what a shame that employers treat people like this. I'm sorry that I don't have the expertise to answer your questions Mrs Mc, all I can do is urge you to summon up the strength to fight it through again. Don't let them win by resigning! I was shocked to read about the delay in risk assessment and letting you go out in a busy warehouse when you were pregnant. I'm surprised you didn't go to one of those accident claim firms after you slipped over. Absolutely shameful and showing a complete lack of concern both for you and for your unborn baby. Lack of health and safety gone mad! What about the arrogance of an employer which thinks it has the right of veto on people's personal relationships! It reminds me of the days of slavery when the massa had to give his permission before two of his slaves could marry. Finally shame on the work colleagues giving you a hard time when you least needed it. What a lack of humanity. A lot of people seem to get into that servile, hand-wringing, bosses man, personality. "Sack him sir, not me!" I think that's what it amounts to. Ansolutely despicable. So don't give up Mrs Mc - keep your spirits up and fight on. Our family over here sends you very best wishes and hopes that the coming year goes a bit better for you. Don't let the beggars get you down! Antonio
  3. Thanks Sidewinder - That sounds like an ideal plan. I got an e-mail back from them this morning which says:- I acknowledge receipt of Mrs Maceo’s resignation. I am sorry to see her leave us. I wish to assure you that you email was not ignored, and the situation raised requires formal handling. I forwarded it on to our HR department for further investigation. Due to the festive period, I apologise for the delay in response. I believe her P45 will be sent directly to her home address, and I shall forward all payslips as I receive them on site. Kind regards, [name] General Manager. I replied straight away saying that I understand Xmas is busy, but perhaps if the HR dept had intervened earlier then she wouldn't have had to resign at all. I asked them to send the payslips very quickly, because the law is that they must be provided before or at the time of payment. I also asked them to confirm she'd be paid her outstanding wages and holiday money tomorrow. No reply as of 22:15 so we'll have to see. If nothing more arrives by way of money, paperwork or communication from them by say, next Tuesday or so, I'll send the letter you suggest and take it from there. Would you recommend sending it to the hotel where she worked or their head office? Finally just to say thanks again to Sidewinder, Honeybee and those others doing the same invaluable work around this site. You give clear, useful and always sympathetic advice and encouragement to us ordinary Joes in the increasingly unequal battle against the 'powers that be'. It's much appreciated and is a very valuable resource - even to those who perhaps just read and don't ever post.
  4. Hi Honeybee - thanks for the reply and the welcome. Unfortunately there's nothing at all in writing from the employer that's very helpful. About the only proof we have that she worked there at all is the text messages from them telling her to work X shift tomorrow etc. They took her bank details and paid her directly into her bank account, so I guess that's another proof that she worked there. Best regards
  5. Hi - My wife started working in the kitchens of a local hotel on 29th Nov this year. She received no contract and not even a letter saying she'd got the job. They just called her up and asked her to start on that day after an interview. This is a small chain of hotels (I think they have six around the country) and this is their latest venture. Unfortunately it turned out to be very poor work. They made her work split shifts (not mentioned at the interview) and the health & safety conditions and hygiene were shocking. Soon the managers were shouting and swearing and verbally bullying her, causing her to come home in tears. I e-mailed them on 22nd December after the first swearing incident and politely reminded them that everyone has the human right of dignity and that she would not tolerate abuse and bullying and we, as a family, would not allow her to suffer it. I also asked about the missing payslips, the short payment (of which more shortly) and the lack of a contract. There has been no reply. Although there were no more swearing incidents, they started to behave in a foolish fashion placing electronic timers next to her and making her life as difficult as possible until she couldn't stand it anymore. On boxing day she didn't go in and texted them to say she couldn't tolerate the situation anymore. I e-mailed them again to say why she had resigned and requesting payment of outstanding wages, the missing payslips, her P45 and outstanding holiday pay (she should have earnt one day holiday I think having worked for a month). Again there has been no reply from them at all. She was told originally that she would be working 40 hours per week at £6.50 per hour and would be paid weekly. There was no pay at the end of the first week, but we thought that would be because of the week in hand. There was no pay at the end of the second week either. When she asked about it, she was waved away and told she'd get two weeks wages the next week. At the end of the third week she was paid one weeks wages and again at the end of the fourth week, she received one weeks wages. So in total, she's worked four weeks and received just two weeks pay. What can we do about this outstanding pay they owe her when they won't reply to communications? It is surely illegal for them not to pay what they owe her. Similarly with the payslips and the P45 - it is the law I think that they must give these to her. We are waiting until Friday (pay day) to see whether any more pay arrives, but I doubt it very much. Some friends have mentioned the small claims court, but how can we do that if we don't know exactly how much the wages should be after tax and NI deductions? Thanks in advance for any advice and help you can give to us. Also I would say to readers that just because a restaurant or hotel has four stars, do not believe that it is clean and hygienic! This place was shocking.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone and having read a few more of the threads on here, I'm feeling a lot happier about this. It's a company car though (registered to the company), so it'll mean a little embarrasment with the boss. What a pain these people are! Thanks again. Antonio
  7. Hi everyone and happy new year! Not sucj a good start for us unfortunately. I took the family out shopping this afternoon to St Oswalds Retail Park, Gloucester (the old cattle market). As I parked the car, I noticed large signs fixed to poles around the car park stating three hours of free parking. We browsed through the shops, making a couple of purchases and then returned to the car and were stunned to find a parking ticket under the wiper. I immediately suspected a [problem] as we'd been nothing like the permitted three hours and the ticket was contained in a little freezer bag, complete with the lines for writing details of the frozen contents! The ticket itself had blue and white checks down each side to make it appear as though it was police issue, but a quick inspection showed it obviously was not. It had in fact been issued on behalf of Euro Car Parks of 30 Dorset Square, London NW1 6QJ and although it claimed an excessive stay, in fact showed only a two hour period of parking. Since the attendant was still around (and still happily issuing tickets as fast as he could!) I approached him and asked him to clarify the times shown on the ticket. He confirmed it showed two hours. I then asked him to confirm that it showed 3 hours free parking on the large sign we were standing next to. He replied "Ahhh yes, but that doesn't apply today - today it's only 90 minutes" and pointed out a small, very amateur looking, free standing sandwich-board type sign which had been placed on the pavement outside one of the shops which said only 90 minutes parking permitted today due to Gloucester Rugby Club playing a home game! The sign was of the type shops regularly place outside their premises to advertise discounts and special offers. My wife swears it wasn't there when we entered and parked, but I couldn't be absolutely sure as unless it was specially pointed out to you, you'd have absolutely no chance of spotting it. I phoned one of the shops we'd visited (the one outside which the small freestanding sign had been placed) and the manager said they'd had no notification at all about the change in parking rules and if they had done so, might have broadcast warnings on their tannoy system. I've also complained to the Gloucestershire police and the local Trading Standards Authority, since this has all the classic hallmarks of a [problem] which could net these sharks several thousands of pounds for very little work. I've checked out the company on the internet though and also read some of the threads here and they do seem to be a genuine company. I'd be most grateful for any advice other posters could give me to fight this most unfair fine. There's an address for appeals on the ticket, but it specifies that an SAE must be enclosed and I don't feel I should go to even that expense for shameless bandits like these. Antonio
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