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  1. Brilliant i am pretty new to all this and have been following bits in the press and on sites ect, i have never heard it put so clearly.
  2. BUDIT

    Sky card.

    Just wondered if any one could explain this one, i have a sky credit card taken out in 2005, have been making payments, two month ago i sent off a claim for PPI with a company on no win no fee, at the begining of november i recieved a letter from barclaycard wanting the full amount or it would go to mercers, a week later mercers are on the phone, arranged payments with them but now its a completly different card number ? the operator on the phone passed over the 16 digit number to me to make payments, i am a little confused why its a different number and why sky have passed it to barclaycard shortly after submitting a claim for PPI. Any thoughts are most well come.
  3. Silverfox 1961, brilliant info thanks for that.
  4. hello silverfox 1961 thank you for that, i am myself i suppose a silver serfer so i will need some assistance from the kids regardind pdf and buckets, thanks again for the reply, ill sort it some how, thanks again.
  5. Hello only posted a few times here, great site, is there any one who could point me in the right direction regarding the agreement, sent of for it, they returned this application saying its correct ect, any thoughts would be great. ps this is all i have, nothing else was sent.
  6. Hello is there any one that could have a look at this agreement please.
  7. just a few lines to ask if any one out there could have a look at a credit card application to see if it complys with the CCA, i am a bit stuck with it, thanks in antisipation.
  8. A big thank you to you all that replied to my thread, its very nice to see so many pople passing on advice, i feel alot better now for the that, ill get started with correspondance to them.cheers.
  9. just a few lines to say i have fell behind with my tesco credit card, last week i recieved phone calls from allied international asking me to call them, not knowing who they were i did, spoke to a mr........... no first name who told me i would have to sell my house or car to pay the amount of the £2,000, to be honest it scared the heck out of me, he would not reason with paying installments, they are calling back, any thoughts would be welcome.
  10. just a few lines to say i have fell behind wit my payments on my tesco credit card, i have sent letters to tesco asking to go on a payment plan but recieved no reply, last week i got a phone call from allied international on the answer phone, called them back and spoke to a mr......... who said in no uncertain terms i could loose my house, car if i dont pay the full amount of £2,000, to be honest i was petrified at the way he was talking to me, he then said its people like me that get to much debt, it turned me to drink that night, any thoughts on how what to do next, i dont want to avoid the debt but i cant pay that out right, they will call back soon he said.
  11. ok cheers for that ill have a look, its getting more wide spread each time i think of it, thanks again
  12. can any one explain in simple words the difference in the consumer credit act that after april 2007, i cant seem to find a clear answer.:idea:
  13. Thanks very much for that i will have a read up.
  14. Hi as any one has any success with getting the credit agreenment wiped, i notice from radio stations that there appears to be a lot of companys claiming to clear them, is it in its early stage?, there are also jobs advertised with a local claims team for reps, this is part of the main one based in m,chester.i was speaking to two reps at a company near the area i live and they said it is going to be massive but it takes time as the banks are very reluctant to actualy put it on paper they will keep selling it to companys hoping to get lucky, mmm life is tight enough with out paying the fat cats bonus, i do not want to avoid it but its a matter of survival. good luck to all.
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