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  1. Hi all, This is simply a superb website with an excellent wealth of information. I hoped somebody might be able to help me out please: I've only recently found out I have a default when I applied for a student account with Halifax. They obviously rejected my application on the grounds of this default. The default is from 2008 and relates to a bank account which I'd closed but forgotten to change a direct debit to my new bank, as such the charges started rolling in! The end balance was £238 but my default balance was £270. The lovely manager at Halifax advised me to pay the default so
  2. Hello, I am experiencing some problems with my previous landlord. I've recently moved out of the property I was renting and as such got out my contract, only to find that I had no address on it for the landlord in order for me to advise in writing, as such I tried to call his mobile phone and sent him text messages requesting he contact me so I can send my notice. I quite literally could not get in contact with him for weeks, then he called to tell me I had to stay another month even though I couldn't contact him for the previous weeks, even though time was an issue for me with moving out
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