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  1. Hi all, This is simply a superb website with an excellent wealth of information. I hoped somebody might be able to help me out please: I've only recently found out I have a default when I applied for a student account with Halifax. They obviously rejected my application on the grounds of this default. The default is from 2008 and relates to a bank account which I'd closed but forgotten to change a direct debit to my new bank, as such the charges started rolling in! The end balance was £238 but my default balance was £270. The lovely manager at Halifax advised me to pay the default so at least it shows satisfied so I paid it last Friday (24/07/2009). It only occurs to me now, that at the time of the default being placed on my credit file, I did not live at the address so have no way of knowing if the default notice was served correctly. My concerns are, as I've paid, have I completely weakened my bargaining position to remove this default? Will I still be able to reclaim my money as it is bank charges? And lastly, what on Earth should my next step be? I've not entered into any communication with Barclays, only to pay the balance over the phone last Friday. PLEASE help as otherwise I'll find my student years being the most difficult I've ever known!
  2. Hello, I am experiencing some problems with my previous landlord. I've recently moved out of the property I was renting and as such got out my contract, only to find that I had no address on it for the landlord in order for me to advise in writing, as such I tried to call his mobile phone and sent him text messages requesting he contact me so I can send my notice. I quite literally could not get in contact with him for weeks, then he called to tell me I had to stay another month even though I couldn't contact him for the previous weeks, even though time was an issue for me with moving out. Moreover, the landlord is now explaining to me that he is withholding £300 of my deposit (I paid £600) due to the fact I had to move out earlier than the month he had stipulated. I have since recorded my phone calls with him to discuss the deposit, he assures me he has placed the money in a TDS but he will not divulge the details of where my deposit is protected. He has also admitted to not sending the details to me within 14 days of the tenancy. I am seeking some advice because the LL assures me that if I take him to court he will win as he hasn't received the full month notice from me but I've been advised that due to the address not being on the tenancy agreement, the one month notice doesn't apply as the agreement is void. Secondly, am I correct that he has broken the law regarding the TDS and as such is liable to pay up to 3 times the deposit amount? What should my next steps be if I am within my rights to take him to court. Thank you.
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