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  1. to answer an earlier question. I am a soletrader running a debt collection business. I collect debt that are over the consumer threshold limit of £200,000. I get involed with my client before they chase debt and I refer them to a baliffss when the time is right. My business is based on referals but I am looking to make improvements on this debt collection side of things.
  2. i dont understand what is wrong with this if one is supoosed to be paying strict attention to cpr rules. Any way I am grateful for any help.
  3. your right its not that important. but I cant find a solicitor that will represent me. I need the N1 form filled in and need some advice on it. I was just before wondering if any one new of a decent solicitor.
  4. eeer I told the thread what was posted yes.
  5. that is what i said yes. it has my name on it
  6. I am in recipt of Employment and Support Allowance. I am exempt of costs.
  7. Thanks for the post citizenb. I am wondering if you can start a claim via email.
  8. I have already had a claim that is now going through baliffs. But It has not been challanged yet in a court of law. Dose any one have a solicitor they can recomend?
  9. Here are my toc's I am also at liberty to now disclose the amount. The amount is a substantial £300,000 Plus with interest. This is a cash loan transfered by bank transfer. I hope this info will faciltate you all to help me bettter. I am struggling with the N1 Form.and what to put into the description of claim boxes.
  10. Putting everything under one roof is very interesting. We might get less mistakes that way. I intend to post my tocs later today.
  11. I dont have to pay court costs at all. So its cheaoer for me to not use MCOL Are you saying all claims must now be made at salford?
  12. Hi asokn Im not at liberty to disclose the amount. The default procedure in my terms and conditions which is writen out in full is vrrdy straightforwar. Is there law that says I can start any where?
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