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  1. At long last after over a year of strongmindedness (thanks to consumer action) my daughter received a cheque from Simplybe for the full amount. Although it has cost me the price of an SAR that £10 was well spent as I told them in the final letter that I didn't want goodwill or anything else from them and they could use that to cover the cost of the original £8 slippers. I have informed them they can go and swing with regard to any further custom. Thank you for giving me the know how to persue this to a conclusion. To anyone else in the same position believe in yourself and pursue it to the bit
  2. This is what I would like to know harrassed senior - where has this money gone? I have composed a letter to Simplybe (actually a novel by the time I finished it ) which I will be putting in the post tomorrow on the lines of what Hillards advised (thank you as always Hillards). Will await a reply from this...... although will probably be waiing a while if other replies from Simplybe are anything to go by!! Once again a big thank you to all posters. It has helped give me the strength to carry on fighting this when after paying the debt it would probably have been easier to take th
  3. Today I received a rely from Simplybe in response to my SAR. I received a heap of pages with information taken from their computer system. I don't believe they have sent everything I have asked for but I will look at that later. From the info they have sent me I can work out where the debt has originated and I am not amused.... here goes. My daughter orders 4 items on line. SAR information says 14/3/08 3 items are despatched but not charged. 17/3/08 the last item is despatched and charged. She receives the 1st parcel of 3 items but finds one of the items is not the item she originall
  4. I have been a bit lax in responding to the letter from Simplybe (more important things to do....like live my life!!). After much thought I have decided to enclose a copy of her passport as proof of identity as I really do not trust these morons with anyone else's confidential information (address etc) but we have filled out their Subject Access Request form as I don't believe the information we have put on there is anymore than the information they would already hold for my daughter. I responded thus and await a reply (but how long it will take would be anyone's guess )
  5. Thanks for that whitelion121. I thought I might have to fill out this form if I am to get anywhere!! I will fill it out and post if off tomorrow
  6. I presume I will have to fill out these forms if I want to get any further with the SAR? I am a bit worried about the proof of identity form as friends are reluctant to add their signature to anything due to the problems my daughter has been having! (They are worried providing their own personal details name, address, telephone number etc in case it is then used against them....anything is possible I have certainly learnt that from this saga!!) Can I send other forms of identification without involving anyone else in this mess? For example a photocopy of her passport to confirm she i
  7. Received a letter from Simply be today: I have to add that I enclosed a copy of the subject access request with my second letter o they have actually received this letter twice already. Should I send again? The questionaire they sent is: I don't have a problem them checking that it is the correct person applying for information but how many copies of my original SAR do they require. Is that letter not sufficent without having to fill out their forms as well and why they hell ask a question about if she has applied for employment with their catalogues!!!! From wha
  8. I have sent the letters both to JD Williams & Wescot so will await their reply. Hope you have managed to wade through all your emails Hillards!!
  9. Thinking about the letter to Capquest.... Although we have paid this debt I'm I too late to go down the route of CCAing them (along with £1 PO). I know for a fact they won't be able to produce one as my daughter never opened a credit account with Simplybe. Then when they can't produce this document the debt is unenforceable by law so I request all payments made to this account back? I was thinking if I did this I would have proof that the debt was unenforceable or could I just threatened them with court action collecting on an unenforceable debt? Can anyone give me advice how I
  10. I have drafted the following letter and wondered if this is strong enough? I have also drafted this for Wescot - again advice would be welcome The letter to Capquest will have to come later as I am unsure what points of principal I can use to request my payment back but I will carrying on scouring this site to find a similar situation!!
  11. Once bitten twice shy....I may have made a mistake in paying the first time but I certainly won't pay again. I will try getting our money back from Capquest but I think I will probably be hitting my head against a brick wall with that. I will happily tell Wescot to foxtrot oscar. But I really need a reply to my SAR to have something concrete to argue with. I know my daughter does not have this debt or ever owed money to JD Williams but I am sure my word would not be enough in a court of law!! My daughter has been through the mill getting the third degree from her mum & dad trying to f
  12. My thoughts are as follows but I would like someone to check I am thinking along the correct lines...... I sent a S.A.R. to JD Williams aka Simplybe. In reply I received a letter from Wescot (who are Wescot in relation to JD Williams - Capquest are the ones who wrote the letter before action letter to my daughter and were then paid in full) referring to the letter sent to JD Williams and asking for their own (Wescot headed paper) subject access request form to be filled in and returned with proof of identity and a further payment of £10 as they had not received the initial payment. Okay t
  13. I do not understand why Wescot have replied to my S.A.R. as it was Simplybe (JD Williams) that I wrote to and it is Simplybe who have cashed the cheque against the alleged debt (even though this alleged debt has been paid in full to Capquest). Do I still reply to Wescot?
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