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  1. I have had a lot of experience dealing with Cabot and as dx says never phone Cabot. And after 5 years of not acknowledging the debt in Scotland it is extinct, the debt no longer exists, we do not have statute barred.
  2. Thanks dx , They can only reach me by writing to me now and if they do i will post on here for advice first.
  3. I have not so far heard anything from Chess since i emailed them stating that correspondence to be in writing through the post.
  4. I have sent Chess a final email, I have stated that i will not be sending or receiving any further emails from them and that all correspondence to be in writing by postal service.
  5. Thanks dx, I am going to send Chess a final email and tell them correspondence by letter only and that their emails will be blocked.
  6. Thanks dx, The email is as follows Pre Legal warning Outstanding balance £500 plus Please note your account has now been escalated to the Pre Legal department in respect of the unpaid balance to Chess Ltd which is now seriously overdue you should contact 0844 or email prelegal to make payment or to confirm your intention with regards to this matter The account will remain with the pre legal department for 10 days from today. If the account is still unresolved it will automatically be referred to our Solicitors at which point it will enter a legal process incurring additional charges in accordance with the late payment of commercial Debts ( interest act 1998 ) Chess shares payment information with credit reference Agencies , failure to settle the balance will have detrimental to your credit score and rating. Another option is to bring the services back to Chess in which case we can remove any termination fees levied. I also earlier called Chess pre legal department and was told that they do have the letter that i sent in july regarding the unautharised extras and was told that Chess can off £85 off the balance, at which i said i have a much bigger financial issue with Chess and True telecom who sold the account to Chess and that is that i was paying way higher than to BT whom i left to go to True telecom.
  7. Hi dx, what do you mean bounce their emails ?
  8. I have received an an email from Chess which totally ignores the phone call i made and the letter that i sent which says pay up or legal action to follow.
  9. Thanks Andyorch I will use that to respond to the letter from Chess when it arrives.
  10. I stopped the direct debit right away as soon as the new supplier took over, Chess for a time were sending online requests for payment every month and then they stopped after january , I was hoping that they gave up and left alone. The letter is now posted 1st class proof of posting, I am also going to call Chess to let them know that the letter is on its way. I have called Chess and spoken to the person who will probably read the letter, so she knows what the letter is about and that it is on its way. The Chess invoice is for early termination of contract. I explained why i left Chess.
  11. Hi Folks, I have been busy and did not send the letter to Chess as i had not heard from them since january , now they have sent me another demand i have written the letter tonight as follows Dear Sir/ Madam I left Chess months ago due to rampant price increases which were much higher than BT were charging me. I am providing a list of unauthorised charges you have been taking from me and that i am looking for a refund on Care level Fraud monitor Line assurence Voicemail Also line rental since i left Chess
  12. Thanks ericsbrother, I will write to Chess and put that to them, as i am paying rental now to Talk Talk who like Chess pay BT line rental, Between the line rental deduction and unauthorised extras i have paid the final payment should be substantially reduced.
  13. ericsbrother, When you say deduct the line rental, do you mean going back to start of contract with True Telecom or when Chess took over or the final bill from Chess ?.
  14. Hi ericsbrother, The agreement was for a three year contract, I have made a thorough search today and have not found a letter of confirmation, I have two letters and two information booklets from True Telecom, One letter is dated 2/26 2016 and is addressed to my company saying to check the information and the line rental will transfer in approximately 10 working days etc, i will get it posted up here. This works out that the contract would end around 8 March 2019. There is no mention of the contract duration on the information that i have to hand.
  15. True Telecom Fixed Line Services Terms & Conditions Cancellation If you wish to end your contract with us, You may do so by giving us at least 10 working days written notice before the end of any contract period, or the agreement end date. Also from True Telecom The monthly charge for select services is £2.75 per month per service. I did not select any extra services. I have not yet found the confirmation of agreement letter. If i do not, would it be a good idea to request copy from Chess ?.
  16. Thanks again Ericsbrother, I dont have much in writing from True Telecom, most was set up verbally by phone, and i have no terms and conditions from Chess, I will get in touch with Chess regarding the not agreed extras which i never used such as the caller display which i never had and try and collect a paper trail, I agree with you that the information has been a bit vague and i will try and get more information.
  17. Has anyone got any advice from the uploaded bill on p 68 ?
  18. That is what i would do, we will hear how you get on.
  19. I dont know how to post up from my laptop, and until someone assists me here is the content of first attachment. Chess True Thank you for choosing Chess. Your total bill this month is £439.56 Net subject to VAT 25% VAT £27.60 Net subject to 0% VAT £472.68 VAT @ 20% £5.52 Please ensure payment is made by 31 January to avoid late payment charges or restrictions of services. Administration £472.68 - £27.60 VAT - £5.52 Total £439.56 Refund of Broadband package unlimited 36 months 7/12/17 to 31/12/17 refund offer £17.9900 Total - £14.5081 Refund of care level -£20000 -£1.6129 Refund of Line analogue -£13.5400 -£10.9194 Refund of voicemail -£2.7500 -£2.2178 Early termination fee £472.6800 Total £443.4218 docs1.pdf
  20. I received an email bill from Chess yesterday titled Your latest Chess bill is ready with refund on broadband package, care level, line analogue, voicemail. The early termination fee is £472. The original invoice appears to be £443 with the total due £439. It is rather baffling looking to me.
  21. Hi Joey JoeC, I believe that Carphone Warehouse have a legal obligation to sending you the free gift as part of the contract that they offered you to get you to sign the contract.
  22. Yes it does look like they saw me coming, yet i remember being led to believe i was getting a better deal than £36.95 before agreeing to the deal and i was dissapointed when i was first billed, so they included hidden charges at the start and added more on some time later. The deal was for landline and Broadband only, No mobile phones.
  23. Thanks ericsbrother, it turns out that the amount that i agreed to pay True Telecom is £36.95 per month, I do not have any copies of bills other than the latest one online, All other payments were collected by direct debit monthly preceded by an email of the amount to be collected without a cost breakdown other than call charges which are never high due to us using mobiles. When chess ask i will do as you advise and demand all bill details going back to start of contract.
  24. Thanks dx I have found in my exercise book that i used to write in when called by True telecom and their caller name, i was encouraged to leave BT for them as follows BT line rental £18.99 True telecom £9.03 Broadband £25 £17.99 Call package £20 £9.99 Total £63.99 Total£37.01 A saving of £27.00 per month for moving from BT to True telecom which is the reason that i moved, yet a short time after i moved i was being charged much the same as BT were and Chess were doing the same when they took over from True Telecom. The November bill from Chess which they have sent me by email due to me cancelling direct debit is for £58.22 and details are Broadband £17.90 Care level £2.00 Fraud monitor £1.99 Line rental £13.54 Line assurance £1.99 Voicemail £2.75 I agreed to the terms on previous post only and when i received the email that was the first i saw these other charges, The rest shows some phone calls each amounting to pennys. It looks like Chess and or True Telecom have some questions to answer. All comments welcome folks.
  25. Thanks ericsbrother, Chess have indicated that they will be billing me well over £400 for early termination fee, By what you have said i can calculate the cost of the remaining contract time line rental and deduct it from the bill and also the cost of past and future care level, fraud monitor, Line assurance, voicemail, which maybe goes back to the start of contract with True Telecom.
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