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  1. Ah right. Just e-mail the companies. Wonga were very helpful. E-mail them direct and offer your repayment. Then set up standing orders to them.
  2. Sorry what? You pay your parents rent of £400 pcm and then food, council tax + bills on top of that??? I'd suggest moving out. With regards to Payday loan debts don't stress. I was in a similar situation (3k debt) I cancelled cards, moved bank accounts and dealt with every loan myself. Keep it all to e-mail. Offer what you can afford. £300/7 = £42. Offer them £42 per month each.
  3. It's the best way mate. Get it out the way and sit in for a few weekends. Job done.
  4. I had a problem with paying them back a £200 loan. They wanted £380 spread over two months. That obviously didn't happen. I managed to get the money together and pay them back £234. Never touching another PDL again.
  5. It's worth a try as the OP got a F&F for a £350 debt... I've pm'd the QuickQuid rep anyhow...
  6. I have just seen this threat, great result for the OP. I have an outstanding balance of £250 which I have offered a full and final settlement of £80. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of this pay day mess!
  7. Pounds til Payday will pass to Clarity after an amount of time. I owed them £400 and they accepted £20 a month. Nice. I was in a similar mess as you last year but I did the same, set up payment plans and 6 months later I was free. It's a hard slog but more than worth it. Remember never, ever, to get one again though. No matter what.
  8. Update After much badgering and hassle they have repaid the money in full today. Winner.
  9. Hi, Please help. I took out a £300 pay day loan with Mister Cheque. Repayable over 3 months @ 145.98 a month. I paid the first payment by debit card. By the time the second payment was due I'd genuinely lost my card. I had forgot to inform them. As collateral you have to send in 3 x £100 cheques. They cashed 2 x £100 cheques for the missed payment. The charge for this is £20 per cheque cashed. Anyway I paid the £129.16 remaining (agreed with David Barnett of Blackheath/Mister Cheque) and my account was confirmed as closed. They have since (06/12/10) cashed the remaining cheque despite my account being closed. This was on Monday and they are yet to repay it saying it's being looked into. In total: £300 loan Over 3 months = £437.93 They have taken: 01/10 - 145.98 - card 02/11 - 100 - Cheque 04/11 - 100 - Cheque 01/12 - 129.16 - Card (account closed) 06/12 - 100 - Cheque Totalling: £575.14 Overpayment of £137.47 on the agreed loan - £40 cheque fees = 97.47 they owe me. How will I get this money back: Thanks Dave
  10. Gavin What a complete muppet that guy is! Very easy to rile! You should change your numbers tbf. I changed my ones to a payg mobile and then left them too it. Enjoyed a bit of e-mail tennis with that mong Gavin as well haha!
  11. Don't be! They are easy to deal with. Like a bunch of grannies running a debt collection agency.
  12. Don't worry about PTP they are useless. I owe them £570. Told them I couldn't pay them back and am now paying Clarity £15 a month. None of it is on my credit files so don't worry
  13. Get onto their website, remove your tel numbers and replace the primary one with a made up one = 0161 123 4567 or something so they haven't a number for you! Then e-mail them and tell them your plan, if this fails they will pass the debt to clarity. Pay them off £10 a month. Sorted.
  14. Don't worry about P2P they will hassle you but deal with them by e-mail. They WILL offer you a reduced settlement (I owed £570, they offered me £450). I ignored that and it's gone to Clairty. E-mailed the saying I'd pay £20 a month and they were more than happy to accept that. Happy days! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THESE SHARKS Also log onto the P2P site asap and remove your tel numbers, set up fake ones.
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