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  1. Hi All, Lloyds have offered to repay PPI plus interest paid upon one of my loans with them - no figures as yet, but success nonetheless!!! Going to the FO about inappropriate Credit Card insurance and non-compliance of SAR request!! Round 1 to ME!!! Keep at it everybody Jen x
  2. Thanks AA, I will do that now will keep this thread updated regarding the credit card and interest applied to loans whilst IVA is in force Jen x
  3. Hi Guys, Bit of GOOD NEWS to finally report!! Received a letter this morning from the bank saying they are upholding my claim of missold PPI and WILL REFUND the amount already paid including interest!!! I requested that it would be used to make payment upon the loan so thats ok Not got a final figure yet as they have to work out the interest yada yada! But its a RESULT!!! Credit card have fobbed me off, so, I intend going to the FO about that one!!! (Still no compliance with SAR form, so this is just the first round to me!! Another 2 to go!!) Jen x
  4. Yea I know all about that too!! Hence the ever quickening reduction in cups I've got!!!lol Jen x
  5. Yea I know I shouldn't let it get to me, its just frustrating!! I dunno if the longer this go's on the better it is for me or worse to be honest!! May be time for me to do that LBA soon me thinks!lol Do you reckon it would be worthwhile writing another letter or to leave it a bit longer? Jen x
  6. Hi All, Well I am fuming as ever!!! Just this minute received another letter dated 25th February stating they have not been able to resolve the complaint bla bla, its taken more time to gather info and they will respond again within 4 weeks!! Surely they are not complying with the law here?!! I mean, the complaint went in in the first week of January!!! This is at least the 3rd or 4th letter I have had regarding them needing 4 weeks..... Feels like a fob off, then again, could it be that the longer it takes the more likely I am to get my cash back? Would really appreciate any input about this Jen x
  7. Hi there, thanks for the info on my thread, glad you have managed to sort your probs out with them Just wondered if you had a template of the letters that you wrote to these people you have mentioned? I'm totally fed up with them and really need to get this sorted out Many thanks, Jen
  8. Hi Underdog, Yea, I think they have definitely messed up big time! Thing is, the accounts are still running so really they have no excuse - I used one of the templates suplied here and amended/added were needed. Out of interest, where would I find the address for the ICO? I'm not too well up on all this legal stuff, but boy, am I learning!!! Jen
  9. Hi All, sorry for not updating but have had exams!! Anyhoo, the state of play is as follows:- I sent of my SAR in January and have only received a statement of charges upon my credit card for the year 2007-2008!! Plus just statements for around 8months worth during that timescale for my credit card - thats it!! Thats all I've received regarding my SAR!!! I did request they send EVERYTHING!! That was, everything regarding the 2 loans and the credit card!! Advice would be very much appreciated.... As for how the PPI retrieval upon the credit card/Loan is going, I received a letter, well, 2 in fact, following my previous correspondence saying they were looking into it, it may take time bla bla and I will hear from them again within 4 weeks time!!! GRRRRR, will it be a letter before action if I have no response from them within the 4 weeks they have allowed themselves? Jen
  10. Hi Red, Yep, I figured it was their incompetence - I called them some very unprintable words I can tell you when I read the letter!! Sending a letter back first thing in morning (recorded delivery!) with copies of what they've sent/what I've sent etc - maybe I should colour code everything so they can differentiate between loan 1, loan 2 and credit card?!! Then again, they may turn round sayin black is red and red is flippin sky blue pink!!! grrrrr!!! Ah right, I got 20+ days yet then for the SAR stuff to come - cheers for that Jen
  11. Just out of interest Red, how long did you wait for your SAR from chatham please? Jen
  12. GRRRRRR!!! I am starting to fume over Lloyds now!!!! Still no sign of SAR stuff... clock is ticking so they better get the info I asked for to me soon or it'll be a complaint over that!!! Whats got me really wound up is I received the following today..... Dear Sir/Madam, We understand you are raising concerns on behalf of your client in relation to the sale of your clients Loan Protection Insurance. Unfortunately, we are not able to investigate the complaint you have raised. This is because:- - There is no insurance in place as you have not taken the optional loan protection on your personal loan or - You have not provided a recognised policy or loan account number and having checked our records I am unable to trace any agreements or accounts for your customer from the information you have provided. As there is insufficient detail for us to record your concerns I have returned ALL PAPERWORK. If you have any additional information to support your concerns could you please return all paperwork for us to reconsider your concerns as we do not keep copies. I hope this fully explains our position but if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on xxxxxxxx Ok, so, thats the letter I got along with paperwork which the person who sent my complaint on to wherever. O closer inspection of the said paperwork, it appears the very kind person passing the buck neglected to include the policy number for one of my loans AND my credit card!!! (It seems I took LPI out upon only one of the loans - that is the loan account number the very kind person decided to include!!!) Aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!! Well, I rang up explained, and the guy was very helpful, saw that I do indeed have the insurance upon the loan and said I had to send all the paperwork (copies mind) back in to them with a cover letter!!!! Are these people silly or what??!!!!! The initial letter had both Loan account numbers, I said it was two and the CC account number!!! Grrrrrrr, anybody else had this? Gonna write the letter today but would welcome any comments Jen
  13. mmm hopefully the SAR stuff will be through soon, not gonna let them away with it though Red... so if they send a final response tellin me to take a hike, well, I'll be defo going for the LBA and I will be taking it further cheers for the support, will keep ya updated Jen
  14. Received the following letter on Saturday, again, just wondering if this is a standard response and has anyone else received similar? Dear Me I am just writing to let you know that we have received your complaint and to say how sorry I am to learn that you're unhappy with us. In view of the issues you have raised I have passed your complaint to our General Insurance department who will be in touch with you shortly. Yours sincerely xxxxxx Customer Service Officer
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