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  1. Has anyone had any dealings with HM? They are an absolute nightmare, they are threatening and rude and just wondered if anyone had had any dealings with them and course of action, thanks LL
  2. Yes it is me they are looking for but have no idea why! I do have a cash genie loan and am paying them direct, havent had any correspondence from them to say they were handing it over, but then I guess I wouldnt be surprised eh! Thanks guys
  3. I have received over the weekend a letter from the above addressed to THE OCCUPIER saying... We are trying to locate XXX who we are led to believe lives or lived at this address. As we are unable to confirm details we are writing for assistance before appointing a doorstep collections agency or bailiff to visit the premises. Any assistance please call this number blah blah blah Are these guy PD loan chasers? What shall I do with the letter? Thanks LL
  4. Thanks for the info guys, I have definitely kept all my paperwork and copie of letters sent to them along with the recorded delivery numbers so I will scour my files, photocopy it all and sent to the FSA and OFT - what them burn in hell!!!!
  5. This debt has now been passed to their partners in crime MERITFORCE. Had the relevant letters sent to me despite telling Muck Hall that I have no memory of these debts and that they are SB anyway, but no they carried onto ignore my letters, even wrote to me asking me to give them a call to discuss - I don't think so! Any hooooo, got the letters from MF threatening me with doorstep collection if I didnt ring or pay up! I rang them last night, told them I was fed up with receiving threatening DCA letters for someone that no longer lived here! Talk about rude! The woman tried to tal
  6. Yep that was certainly something along my reply........ and I will take you to court for fraudulent standing orders and excessive charges!
  7. BRING IT ON I SAY LOL! They can take me to court, they can then explain their fraudulent Standing Orders and their excessive charges LOL!!!
  8. This was their reply............... We will not be responsible for any charges from your bank. As stated in my email below, the standing order you have signed is a method you have made available to us. We are not willing to accept £5 every two weeks, unless you contact us before close of business tomorrow which is 5pm with a reasonable offer we can accept court proceedings will commence.
  9. The account they are trying to take the money out of has £20 max in at anyone time as that is not my salary account, you see I wasnt that stupid when taking out the loan..... I sent them this today... Balance owed £300. Minus charges of £38.00 ; £35.00; £28.00; as per my recent emailing showing you the charges I am receiving because you tried to take £300 from my account! This leaves a balance of £161 (£300 original loan minus £139 in charges). Minus payments: 19/08 - £5.00 04/09 - £5.00 05/10 - £5.00 19/10 - £5.00 This therefore leaves a balance of
  10. They have tried to set up another SO taking the money at the end of October - cottoning on to them now, have cancelled it LOL!!
  11. I received a warning default notice letter that gives me until 2nd Nov to cough up! I am paying them £5 every other week on a £100 loan with their £24 interest plus their charges of £137 which I am about to dispute. How do I go about getting this DN stopped???
  12. Can someone please help me re this.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payday-loans/227581-tower-capital-default-notice.html I need to get a reply in the post asap especially with all the strikes going on, thanks LL
  13. Just to also add to this I have paid £30 off the £124 owed so far so they are trying to add the charges and issue Default Notice when I have been paying this back!
  14. I am assuming that the charges are for late payment fees etc., as the balance of £124 was due end of July and I didnt pay it Would the details of the charges be given on the typed up warning of the DN? Can I send them a letter telling them the account is in dispute as I think the charges are unlawful? Will that stop the DN being issued (if there is one!) as I don't want another one added to my credit file - assuming they will add this.
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