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  1. AS far as I know, the salvage costs are included pick-up and storage, including breaker charge (if it were we did not request the car back). He has taken the car back, so in effect the Insurance company are right to take off the salvage costs, but storage and collection? Not only that, but the offer they have sent us, it's just not acceptable! How do I argue this offer and get it reviewed?
  2. Can anyone help me with this situtation please? I'm sorry to push, but it's been so long now, and I am tired of dealing with the Insurance to be honest. Thanks again.
  3. He went into a vehicle, that went into a vehicle - if that makes sense? If not, he went into the back of a van of which already hit another vehicle in front of him. Even though we are being blamed for all the accident, because the Van driver did not signal (brake lights/hazards etc) there was no warning. We are not to blame for him going into the vehicle in front of him. So far to say, they are charging me for storage (?!?) and pick up costs (?!). Even though from the start, we requested the vehicle back. These are the amounts I was advised over the phone, I have
  4. Hi, Need a bit of help with a incompetent insurance company and it's lack of customer support. I have been dealing with a accident claim on behalf of my brother-in-law. I have been named on the account by him as a representative as his first language is Polish. Now, I understand the DPA in regards to this, but will touch on this later if need be. He had a accident 30/01 and even after numerous calls from the Monday onwards, he did not receive a courtesy car until weeks later!!! After a long battle with them to get this courtesy car, it took a further 3 weeks to email a simple doc
  5. Thanks, will get it drafted up and sent today 1st class. I assume that I will have to send this payment through a PO, do I sign that or not? Also, in the mean time, how would I go about asking for something like that about this top up loan, would it be by the same method as I do not have any account details for the top up loan. Are they really at right to charge me £10 for a copy of T's & C's of which I never received, and along with that a £10 just for a copy of a contract I don't believe I signed with them.
  6. What about the top up loan? As I have no paperwork of this nor do I remember signing any additional paperwork to confirm this and agree to payment terms etc. Considering the last time I spoke to them (They have changed their name three times since last contact) they advised me of a £10 for a copy of T's & C's of which I never received in the first place, along with an additional charge of £10 for a contract that I apparently signed of that I have no recollection of. Is there anyway to get around these ridiculous charges that the so called top up loan provide? Along with the fact that
  7. Ok, I have a few questions unanswered with the threads I have found in my search. I can see that it is important to know what type of agreement I have, mine states clearly on both pages "Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974". With this, what would be a third of payments, would it be total cash price of the vehicle? Or would it be total amount payable for the goods? Also, I have shortfall Insurance, I'm led to believe that if the car was involved in a RTA and considered a write-off, this would pay off anything I owe but is it really needed? Also, would I be at right t
  8. Hi all, just thought I would post to say Hello and introduce myself. I'm Dave and from the West Midlands, work for a ISP company for four years and after investigating this site so far, have found it very useful indeed! I do hope to meet all members and maybe even give a little advice myself if and where applicable. Dave.
  9. Hello all, new to the site however that I will start in another thread..... I took a vehicle out back in December '06 with said company as my credit history is not filled with butterflies. Upon my visit to the Car Craft centre in West Midlands I was told this should only take an hour, and according to their current TV adverts, I was assured. I was there for almost 6 hours, felt like a lifetime and was treated poorly. I finally got to choose the car I wanted with my wife and knowingly went ahead with the agreement. The agent that took forever was not very well equipped in knowledge or
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