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    it was an error - sorry. I have two claims at present one with barclays and another with nationwide MOD NOTE: moved thread from nationwide to Barclays forum.
  2. adsetts


    I went into the branch and requested copies. No hassel at all from staff. £5.00 debited from my account and the statements arrived 3 days later. The refund request was sent and a standard letter reply recieved saying the usual 'sorry you have felt the need to complain blah blah..... there was also the usual 'we are dealling with this matter and will be in contact with you in due course.' I await their formal reply.....
  3. adsetts


    Nationwide tried to charge me £10 per statement copy when I went into the branch for back copies of statements. Naturally I refused. I quoted the DPA article and stated that I required the said info or I would report their refusal as a breach of the regulation. After much debate the copies have now arrived and no fee charged. I'm owed a small fortune. The letter requesting a refund has been posted today.
  4. I found going into the branch a pain free experience. £5.00 was debited from my account and the statement copies arrived two days later. I had a standard letter reply to my request for fees to be returned 3 days after the initial claim letter was posted. The letter only says the claim is being investigated – but so far so good.
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