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  1. Hi, Hope you can help me!! I have just checked my credit file and have 2 very old catalogue accounts £200 ish each with defaults registered against me. My question is this. both accounts are either statue barred or within 6 months of being time barred. do these drop off my credit file or can I get them removed with proof of this even if they have recently defaulted me?? Also are they within their rights to continue to default me? Many many thanks in advance.
  2. Received 3 phone calls in 15 minutes today from the branch who demand payment from me and tried to tell me I have breached my ontract and I am going to court. BRING IT ON!!!! I asked politely at first about my letter in January but did not disclose the content. They are adament they did not recieve it even though I have it signed for on the 9th January by Head office. I told him to go away and write to me and hung up to which he proceeded to phone me back and was very arrogant and rude again threatening court action unless I pay. I politely told him to go away and stop phoning or I would
  3. Two letter to Welcome later and still no response about the VT. They have returned the SAR but the account notes wer transcribed and typed out on word??? Absolute joke. I am sending them a final letter advising that in 28 days the car will be left outside the local branch and the keys posted thru the letterbox as I am sick of it being on my drive. Anyone got any advice? I cannot understand why they are ignoring me and why they have not contacted me when they are not getting money.
  4. I have received acknowledgement of my SAR today dated 9th January 2009. No contact yet regarding my VT request though I keep getting calls from an automated message system to which I answer and is states "This is a message for (my name) from Welcome Finance. If you are (my name) please press one now." at which point I hang up. Will give them until the 25th then I will write to them again asking why they refuse contact regarding the VT. The thing is that while this is being ignored, I am becoming liable for more money as there is no agreed date of termination. Does anyone know how I c
  5. Got the letter confirming the arrangement and the discontinuance notice from the solicitors. Everything seems to be in order, no consent orders but a request to pay by direct debit which I refused. I got bank details to pay by standing order. Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate it.
  6. Today I received a call from Cabot advising that they would accept my offer of £5 per month without any further action. I asked if they would be willing to accept an offer for short settlement and they advised it would depend on the offer and when it could be paid. It appears the court action will be put on hold now due to this agreement so a small victory I think. It seems that good sense will prevail in the end.
  7. many thanks going to type that up tonight and get it in the post recorded delivery first thing tomorrow.
  8. particulars of claim. The claimant is part of XXXXXX financial group and has purchased the debt(s) scheduled below. Despite requests for payment the Defendant has failed to pay the sum of £xxxx.xx in relation to the defendant's monument credit card account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx barclaycard premiership card account number xxxxxxx, and the claimant claims; the sum of £xxxxx together with interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 and costs.
  9. Today I have received a notice of court action from Northampton Bulk centre for two credit cards I had with Barclays (my current bank) taken out in 2004. In 2005, after my wife being in hospital for 6 weeks before and 3 weeks after giving birth to our second child, our finances went to the wall due to her only receiving income support after her SMP ran out. She suffered badly from post-natal depression after the birth and it was 6 months before she went back to work but even them only doing 1/2 the hours she was before the birth. I wrote to all the creditors to advise of the £1000 a
  10. Hi Suzie, I think the norm is to add the lot onto the loan amount. I may be wrong but I am sure that is waht happened with my car finance.
  11. Hello winslo, First things first, they are correct in the fact you cannot VT while under a default notice but once this expires you should be able to as far as I am aware. Where are the two payments from and when? reading through I was a little confused by this. If you owe these payments, you can make them up but they cannot refuse you the right to terminate the agreement. There are letters available on this site which can help you with this. I will advise to do everything in writing as this is easier to recount if it ever goes to court. can you clarify who the agreement is
  12. Anything is worth a try if you can give exact amounts and dates they might consider it but if you neg on this they will have their pound of flesh. They are a ruthless bunch and do not have any concience when it comes to money. Let me know how it goes....
  13. This is the majic clause, if you want to walk away you are going to have to pay the piper. They may negotiate on payment if you tell them you cant afford it but if you want to cancel they will most likely say OK but expect you to pay the remainder of the lease. The other clauses make sure that if you mess up or hold out in any way they can nail you to the wall. My honest advice is to plead poverty and ask to return the vehicle as you cannot afford to keep it. they may negotiate on an out clause which orks out cheaper for you. There is no easy way out of this contract, sorry.
  14. Did you claim unemployment benefit and were you living in the property over the summer? they may have you on a technicality as you in effect gave up your student status when you reapplied through UCAS where as if you had done ith through the Uni they would have just swapped your course. I do not think they will give you CTB unless you were registrered unemployed and they are not very keen on backdating CTB as I have found to my peril previously. I would ask the university student support team for assistance as they might have better info. Search student support on the website they wi
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