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  1. Hi struggling to clear wonga debt over £500, if i setup a repayment plan do they put a default notice on my credit file? thanks J
  2. do you end up with a default on your credit file if they agree a repayment plan?
  3. hi i cleared my mortgage and the rate has shot up 8%, which means doubling my payments from 200 to 400 a month. anyone managed to renegoiate a new rate? or any1 been sucessful with with a unforceable CCA? Struggling to keep making payments. Thanks James
  4. Hi newbie great board, very interesting posts. Quick question, i am about to ask for a credit agreement from northern rock for a together mortgage thats has been settled, and also for some settled accounts for credit cards with MBNA/Halifax, also a settled loan account with RBOS. I dont have account numbers for these accounts, how do i request credit agreement without the account number? Thanks James
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