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  1. I received the same from Hounslow, but I was neither loading or unloading, and was still behind the wheel of my car, with my foot on the brake, as can be see in the picture by the brake lights on. I had pulled over to answer my phone. Damned if you do damned if you dont. Its impossible to see tiny signs in the dark. Are you not allowed to pull over on a single yellow line on a week end on a Saturday at 17.52pm at night!!! This is outreageous.
  2. I too received an (02) penalty charge notice, for pulling over on a single yellow line for a few momments to attend to my phone. The CCTV camera clearly shows my foot still on the brake, as the brake lights are on at the back of the car, where the photo was taken and can be clearly seen on the picture as on!...... How can they charge you £50 for pulling over for a few mins and still being behind the wheel of your car. I could not have been there for more than a few minutes. It is humanly impossible to crawl along the road, creating a danger for other drivers, not looking at the traffic in front as you search for tiny sign. This is outreageous.
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