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  1. No it's not an inhibition order. As far as I know an inhibition order can only be granted in court and if awarded would have prevented me from selling without paying the debt. The factors solicitors have not taken any legal action, from what I can gather they have registered a debt against the property on the land registry and the law apparently allows them to pursue the buyer for that debt. It's a very sneaky and underhanded way of trying to get the money paid without going through court because they know they will not win since they were not able to prove the debt. Some of their
  2. Hi peeps, First off apologies for the urgency of the post but I've just received an email this morning advising action is going to be taken tomorrow Will try to make a long story short:- I've been in dispute with property management company regarding their fees for a flat I owned in Scotland. They took me to small claims and were going to lose since I successfully defended when they panicked and announced they were instructing other solicitors and would be in touch in due course. As they took the action nothing happened with the court case. I put the property on the mark
  3. Thanks for clearing up, was panicking any buyer would be told there's an inhibition order on the property and then run a mile, can't blame them, I'd not want the hassle either! I can pay them a monthly amount now, unsure how responsive they'd be to that. My concern is that the amount is made up of charges etc and as I've never had a breakdown of costs I'd be paying for an unknown sum. Can I still ask for a Subject Access Request at this stage? Do the solicitor provide this or does HFC? I assume when they were awarded decree in court they showed the court that I owed them
  4. Thanks cerberusalert, much appreciated Letter will be posted recorded 1st class tomorrow. I'll update when I hear more. Have a good weekend
  5. Hi peeps, I have a credit card with MBNA and following redundancy I agreed a repayment plan via a Money Advisor at Trading standards. Despite meeting the plan this debt has been passed to Arrow Global who have sent a letter as follows: DEBT OWED TO ARROW GLOBAL LIMITED AMOUNT OUTSTANDING £5409.93 ASSIGNED BY MBNA NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT We advise you that MBNA has assigned all of its respective rights, title and interest in respect of the above referenced account (including the right to receive payment of the outstanding balance) to Arrow Global Limited, effective 17th
  6. Sweet, that's my plan then Tomorrow I send the Incidental Application recorded to Sheriff Court copy to Pattens Solicitor. Will keep you guys posted on how it goes, I'll probably be back to discuss the agreement Thanks again, Julie x
  7. Thanks Ida, that's really helpful, those posts are quite interesting I think I need to submit the letter below (Letter 1) to the solicitors so I can get the documents I need. Where I'm a little stuck is the requirement to submit a defence by Friday, which in effect means sending it tomorrow. There are examples of defences in those threads but they're worded as if the defendents have the agreement, DN, breakdown of charges etc, I don't have any of that. I was thinking I should then apply for an Incidental Application as you advised, however the problem with this is (
  8. Hi Ida, Sorry took so long to reply, couldn't find my thread as one was deleted as they were duplicated....... anyway thanks so much for reply. I have not received any agreement nor default notice and I have no idea if what they claim I owe is accurate. Moneyadvice places only provide advice on debt, not legal issues and CAB cannot provide an appointment for months, meantime I have to submit a written defence by Friday or HFC automatically get decree I believe. So, i was thinking of submitting an embarrased defence at this stage? Wat think? I was thinking that cannot
  9. Thanks for reply. Posted copy of court papers in the other post, but for ease have attached again here. It's HFC that are pursuing the loan and their solicitors are called Patten & Prentice. Unsure how to get a moderator to change the title, if one is reading could you please change title of post to Breakanegg v HFC/Patten & Prentice? Many thanks Court Papers re HFC Breakanegg [1].pdf
  10. Hi Peeps, I really need some help and advise, I posted a thread here but have received no responses and the court case is progressing. I'm at a loss as to how to proceed, the procedures are a minefield and I cannot get help because I cannot afford legal representation, cannot get in touch with Citizen's Advice, they NEVER answer their phone. Please help. I submitted the form stating I wished to defend as it was nearing the cut off date, paid the £80. now I've received a letter from the court stating "Intimation of Options Hearing, you are
  11. Hi peeps, I have received court papers from an agent acting on behalf of HFC for a loan. I've attached a copy of the papers with personal info blanked out, I've had a read of this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/108467-basic-introduction-consumer-credit.html and just looking for some guidance and clarification on what to do next. The agreement they say was back in December 2004, I'm in Scotland but the bank are in England so unsure if Scottish/English statutory limits apply here? I haven't a copy of the original agreement and I made regular p
  12. I just love pretending I'm not me when ring, I say in my sweetest, most helpful voice "sure, hold the line and I'll just go get her for you", then I just leave the phone there and carry on with whatever I was doing till they hang up, I'm all for em wasting their phone bills Another time my brother was here when RMA called, he just picked up the phone and proceeded to burp down the line, LOL, I was in background pml, thing is, the muppet at RMA stayed there on the phone while my bother burped down phone at him Childish I know but funny as hell
  13. Hi peeps, I have an Egg credit card which had numerous problems with over the years. I was made redundant over a year ago and have been unemployed. I sent the letters requesting a payment arrangement and that they freeze interest and charges etc. I haven't had any replies. I've also complained to the FoS, they haven't passed to an adjudicator yet! Meantime I've CCA'd them and SAR'd them. The CCA doesn't look right to me but I've not a clue what to do next. I've looked at the letter templates but there's nowt there about the steps when believe a CCA is unenforceable.
  14. The good news is the Moneyadvisor at local council trading standards wrote to all banks, including AMEX and offered £1 month till get another job. 3 have accepted so far but nothing from Amex yet. I've used the OFT complaint form for unfair debt collection practices a few times now, they don't seem to accept this form from joe public. Anyone had any success with that? Is it a worthwhile thing to do you think? I'm including cerberusalert's bits about harassment in my letter to RMA, if they continue to call after that I'll be complaining to all authorities I've already sent
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