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  1. The Toothfairy finance website clearly spells out their agreement, and that they add charges (legal and recovery fees)... why are we complaining that they want their debtors to stick to their end of the bargain, and so quick to trip them up on small minor errors?????????????????
  2. with credit unions, you are borrowing money that is actually the savings of the other members. The credit union do not take kindly to people just taking money and not bothering their A*se even trying to pay it back. The amount of times I see people on here borrowing money then coming crying 3 months later cos oh dear, they have to pay it back at the rate they agreed!! On desperate for their agreement to be unenforcable
  3. Do not communicate with these jokers. They have already been warned about this type of behaviour. I borrowed £100 from them once and one day they turned round asking for £867.......... They will NOT be sending baliffs or obtaining a CCJ or sending anyone around to your home so don't worry. Track down the older TFF posts they might have some info that will help you. If you have sought advice and £10 is what you can afford, then that is what you tell them. In fact, go ahead and start paying it until you have paid the £300 back you borrowed. They will cut their losses and forget their interest. I've checked my credit file with all 3 CRAs and this crew of idiots has never appeared.
  4. Hi. I'm sorry to hear of your trouble which undoubtedly could have been avoided had barclays used an ounce of sense. My account with them was closed days after opening it. I didn't know this until my debit card was swallowed up in the streets minutes after I deposited a cheque for over 4k! I've since opened a Co-operative Bank Cashminder account, which I was able to do within a matter of days. All you need to do is bring your passport and a bill to your local co-op. bank branch and they can process it on the spot. My debit card arrived within 3 days of providing ID! One warning with this account however, if you go overdrawn or 3 direct debits fail, may they be weeks or decades apart, they do close the account. Hope this helps - I gave up on Barclays having checked my credit file and seen that there was nothing unusual or for me to worry about - they were just being idiots!
  5. No, you were not paying money for "nothing". You were paying it for the £13,000 you borrowed.......
  6. Paypal are total ****. I'm still waiting on £281.20 which is rightfully my money to be released by the scumbags. They are horrible.
  7. Hi. Just wondering if anyone had any pointers or advice as to where I should start with this?
  8. Hi Slick, thanks for your reply! I agree about leaving Barclays alone. But its just really worrying that a bank would decide to say they will NEVER allow me to bank with them. It suggests a serious underlying problem no?
  9. Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my thread. Ok so in 2007 (when I was a student) I opened a Lloyds TSB Current Account. They provided me with an overdraft of ~£2000. Somehow a direct debit pushed me Some months I was getting charged almost £300 in bank charges. This went on (despite me practically begging Lloyds to stop it and realise that it was ridiculous) for almost a year. Whats the damage? I now have a default for £3900!!!!! I believe that £2000 or more of this is due to hefty monthly charges of almost £300 per month! I need to sort this out, as its been on my credit file for 2.5 years now as a large defaulted balance. I didn't spend this money - and this all happened as a result of one slip up - my account going overdrawn by less than £50 because of a direct debit I hadnt covered. I'm not even sure if I have the full details of my account number / sort code any more, but I will dig these out of I can. I really need help to sort this out as my credit file has been tarnished by this. What can I do?? Seriously, I am very thankful for any help.
  10. Hi everyone, In October this year I started my first graduate job - good salary etc, all of which would be paid into the Barclays account I opened. I went for one of their £5 a month accounts and was accepted in the credit check no problem (although I do have a less than perfect credit file but no fraud flags on CIFAS or anything, I check regularly). Within a few days I had my card, cheque book, online and telephone banking details. I got my first pay cheque from work (over £4000!) and took it into the branch to put it in my account. On my way out I decided to change the PIN number on my new card. The card was swallowed up. After hours of calling numbers and being told my account was fine, my account was closed etc I went into the branch. Safe to say I was treated like a TERRORIST. The Personal Banker put a black thing on the screen so it couldnt be read from where I was sitting. After she whispered with her colleague, and spoke to her supervisor through the back, she returned with the cheques I'd lodged just hours before, saying that she didnt want me to get into trouble financially, so they were returning my cheques. It was then I was told that Barclays had closed my account, the decision was irreversible and that I would not be able to hold any account with Barclays bank..... Obviously this has never happened to me before. I currently bank with Halifax (basic account only) and have done for about 7 years. The only reason I went to Barclays was for a better account with a better debit card etc which they gave me. I am extremely worried as to what information they have taken into consideration when opening this account, and then closing it.... This isn't the first time I have read about someone having this problem with Barclays. I don't care to know their criteria, I care to know what information they have on me that has led them to decide to shut my account. Safe to say I am worried sick about it. Any help that can be offered will be appreciated 10000%. Happy to discuss any other details necessary if this helps with peoples' advice. Cheers.
  11. I sent it to the correspondence centre already I think I'll hold back on sending it to any email addresses until they have had a chance to read all 7 pages of my complaint and start formulating a WRITTEN response but you an just imagine the amount of cr*p Ive had to go through to date! Could I take them to court over this?
  12. This leads me to the final chapter of my complaint, that is, the complete termination of my landline service with British Telecom and the problems that followed. I will now present evidence true to your records that this is no fault of my own for two main reasons: i. The Direct Debit I had set up to pay the outstanding balance on this account was cancelled by an employee of British Telecom without my instruction. ii. The paper bills I was paying for to be sent were in actual fact sent to a bogus address and not the one provided by myself when the initial order was made, and not the one at which the actual services being provided were active. That is, the address of WRONG ADDRESS HERE Please observe evidence from each bill.
  13. Incorrect Address This account, numbered GB **** ****, was opened to honour a new order of BT services at my address of: ******* However, the paper bills, which I have been charged to the value of £1.25 per bill, have all been sent to the address of: ******** Can it be explained as to why this happened?
  14. 1. Cancellation of my Direct Debit by British Telecom for Landline Service It has now become apparent that some time in February 2009 your colleagues in Customer Services cancelled the direct debit I had set up to pay the balance due on this account. May I also highlight that until this point there had been no missed or late payments on my account and that all of the excessive debits from my account by British Telecom were honoured on time and in full.
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