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  1. Furious today My son has received a text message with my name on it from BCW.He rang them but they refused at first to say where they'd got it from.My son hasn't any debts.I have so they have breached the data protection act.He's asking me why did I give his phone no out?I don't even know it.I rang them but I'm going to complain as they have took on the account from ACTIVE CAPITAL and they gave them the data...surely this spying and who gave them my son's phone no.
  2. If I wanted to complain about my mortgage lender regarding something they put on my mortgage offer stating that I had past and present financial difficulties when I didn't back in 2007 is this too late now?to take them to court?
  3. Ask for refund too often they do this and expect the passenger to accept it.
  4. I work in Travel for an example if the Travel arrangements were costed as a Group i.e based on 12 passengers at say 100 pounds each then 1 drops out that person dropping out will lose their deposit it's not counted in any re costing.Then the group is re costed based on 11 passengers at now the new cost of 110 pounds.It's the same with any other type of booking so the other people have had it re costed and it's costing them more which they don't want to pay they could of asked for a name change if someone else could the replace the person not going.It sour grapes but this happens when groups of
  5. I work in Travel and I've never agreed with lead in prices.I sell and the price I give to a potential client will be the full price the only extra is the credit/debit card which I charge 2.25% and 40p on a debit card.I get so annoyed by these practices sadly when the low cost carrier came into being luggage and other parts of a flight were stripped away then added on at an extra cost partly because people wanted to travel with hand luggage didn't want the in flight meal etc.Transfers are cheaper on a shared one but if a private one booked more expensive also luggage with some carriers is appro
  6. My daughter's boyfriend had the same problem but spoke to them from an upstairs window.I do have a relative who works for this company but he doesn't think much of the way they treat their Staff either.
  7. Although the FSA didn't uphold the complaint.Link stopped charging the contractual interest.
  8. Can I request personal Data from my Mortgage/Loan lender?It is a joint account so do I request as joint information or individual.Also do companies charge for this?
  9. I've some secured loans with my mortgage lender.They've been adding interest to the charge of £60.00 per month of interest in the region 14.70% and the interest of the payment missed on the date due.They never pursued me on these a my house is with them and in arrears and they've been to court but as I complained by their methods to the FSA.The case was left to restore at liberty.Also the Loan people adjusted all the loan accounts in March 2011.I think it was something to do with the change of the way they had to do things.They adjusted the accounts and took off all the late payments charges a
  10. I'm in arrears with a secured loan but trying to work out which is right and which is wrong on my statement. An example of what I've been trying to fathom out. Installment due date: 117.87 = Arrears 2.990.84= Balance=4.739.97 card payment : 20.00 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.719.97. monthly admin fee : 60.00 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.779.97. interest : 48.76 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.828.73. simple interest : 9.09 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.837.82. The 60.00 per month is for the second class franked letter
  11. I re-mortgaged over 5yrs ago.There was an early redemption fee for 6.000 pounds up to 3yrs then there is a months interest of 675.00 for the remainder of the term.I'm now out of the 3yrs .So is all of this right for the Broker to have done so?Also the original loan shows the amount for the mortgage and the amount added to this for 3.000.00 pounds so on any letters from them they show the original Mortgage with these totals as the total amount borrowed.So can the mortgage broker charge interest on these too?I've found a letter from them dated nearly 4 yrs ago in old paperwork and they mention
  12. No with Central Loans just thought that they might have some business connections.
  13. It's Secured Loan and Mortgage so how do you work out the interest on this?
  14. So if these are Penalty charges how do you claim it back or off the arrears?
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