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  1. Hi dx, Yeah - I was thinking that but it might be nice to know if they've managed to unearth anything else.
  2. I'm in a similar boat to you - received the Lowell letter saying they've bought the account. Thing is, the CoOp couldn't provide an agreement at all and sent me a letter saying as much, so I haven't heard from them or their DCAs for over a year. I guess I need to send them a CCA letter to see what they have? Good luck to you all too!
  3. Need a bit of input please guys as the 7 days KW-S gave me is up tomorrow, so want to be fully au-fait with what they can do etc. Thanks in advance.
  4. OK, so now Knipe Woodhouse-Smith solicitors have sent me a letter saying their client Credit Security Limited have instructed them to issue County Court proceedings if they don't receive payment within 7 days of the 7th Sept. I only received the letter on the 11th. They also stated that I would be liable for their charges of £35 and the court claim fee of £20 and their client reserves the right to claim interst at the statutory rate. Now as 2Grumpy points out - I didn't think they could issue proceedings unless the account had been sold on - there are definately no letters of assignment and no mention that KW-S are acting for Lloyds. Do l send them a letter saying see you in Court? or explain my contention about prescribed terms? Can't use the account in dispute letter as Lloyds have made it quite clear that they feel they have complied with s.78 with what they sent me last year. Thoughts please.
  5. Thanks 2Grumpy They haven't said they have bought the account but state they are acting on behalf of lloyds - presumably, they are able to issue proceedings on behalf of a client? I would have thought this would be handled by a solicitor though.
  6. I had a 60% offer from them a week or so back on pink paper, today received a letter saying that unless I make a payment and repayment proposal by Noon 7th Sept they will prepare a claim for issue in Aylesbury CC for the debt, interest and an application for costs. Has anyone else had this and if so, did anything actually happen?
  7. OK chaps, time for a bit of help, please: Credit Security today sent me a letter saying: "You have disregarded numerous requests for settlement. Unless we receive a payment and repayment proposal at this office by NOON 7th Sept 10 a claim will be prepared for issue in the AYLESBURY COUNTY COURT for the debt, interest and an application for costs. Any judgement given will be enforced by the Court Bailiff." Now, I haven't actually sent these guys anything apart from the telephone harassment letter, so what is the best course of action? Opinions gratefully received!
  8. After sending them the harassment by telephone letter, Credit Security wrote asking me to fill out a financial questionairre detailing all my personal circumstances. Needless to say, I didn't fill that one out! Today a pink letter drops on my mat from them offering me a 60% saving if I pay within 10 days. If I don't go for this, they tell me the last course of action is to refer the account for recoverty through teh County Court. Is this standard proceedure from them?
  9. OK, received a letter yesterday dated 2nd August from Credit Security Limited saying: PLEASE TAKE CAREFUL NOTE 1. You have ignored our previous communication 2. You have had the benefit of goods/services supplied for which you have not paid. Unless we hear from you within 7 days with a payment and repayment proposal we may wiothout further notice: a. Instruct one of our local collectors to call upon you for payment. b. Proceed with legal action for recovery through Aylesbury County Court blah blah etc etc. Is this a usual threat-o-gram?
  10. Hi folks, a friend of mine has just received a statement from Lowell Portfolio 1 for a loan taken out with lloyds 10 years ago together with a letter from Red chasing the alleged debt. This is the first she's heard about the loan for approaching 10 years, so is it statute barred? and if so, what should she do about it? I am aware of the statute barred letter but I'm not sure of the legalities of chasing an old debt. There is nothing on her credit file. Any thoughts?
  11. Robinson Way have been in touch asking where they have gone wrong! I think I'll write and put them in the picture! They have also offered a 50% reduction if I agree to settle now. Then today, a letter arrives from Lloyds themselves saying their agents have been in touch and reccommend legal action. They go on to say that I can prevent the actin by paying in full or fill out a financial questionnaire to see my situation. Does it sound like they are trying things on? I'm still hanging my hat on the agreement not being enforceable due to some prescribed terms missing, but I'd appreciate some fresh input.
  12. Well, Fredrickson gave up the chase and wrote to me in May saying they were no longer instructed, so all good there. Last week, I started getting calls from EQL and finally a letter Friday from Equidebt threatening to doorstep me - I didn't think they could do this? Anyway, the telephone harrassment letter and my copy of the letter from Co-Op saying they haven't got an agreement will be in the post tomorrow. Anyone had any dealings with Equidebt? If so, do they have teeth?
  13. I'll get that in the post tomorrow then - thanks for the tip!
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