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  1. Hello, today i purchased a pair of football boots at eighty pounds. I wore them today in a football match, just one game and the sole has came off them partially, as if the glue wasnt strong enough so hasnt bonded well with the sole. When i bought the boots, she said is i have any problems i am only entitled to a credit note or exchange. Surely this cannot be right?
  2. Hey, a friend of mine purchased a laptop for his girlfriend, for christmas, upon opening the gift yesterday, it had a cracked screen, with a slight chip mark on the top right corner of the casing of the laptop. The laptop was taken back first thing this morning, however, the store manager refused to take it back or refund or replace it. Saying that it had been dropped, which it hadnt, the laptop was only opened yesterday and never switched on, the minute it was opened he spotted it was cracked. My friend has wrote a letter to the head office, and a copy has been sent to trading stand
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