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  1. Thanks for your responses. my gf accept it was unfair and wrong on her part to switch the tags. We both understand switching the tags is morally and ethically wrong. She has assured me that she will not even think of doing it again. I think she mean it because as a lesson she has agreed to do some voluntary community service. Abt your question raydetinu, she did sign the banning notice but nothing else. And yes she did hand in her real name, real address and all other details (passport no etc). So is it trouble? My gf is over 18. What is max time limit to file the police case? Will the
  2. Hi ya, My girl friend was caught for switching the price tag on woolen jacket. Security Admin issued her notice of intended civil recovery and banned her from TK Maxx. It has been week and nothing happened yet. This matter was not escalated to Police. I need your help 1.Should i pay money to Retail loss prevention 2.Will tk maxx involve police at some point & file crime record. 3.Will she have to face court. 4.Will she get any criminal record aganist it. Any help is most welcome. What do i do next ? thank you jack
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