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  1. Hi Alanalna Re blue badge this is for asthma my accident at work involved burns to arms, face and feet.my asthma is nothing to do with this accident. i understand that pre existing conditions are never included, but my accident surely proves what the accident was,plus the claim was never for asthma either but the injuries from burns. i do not think i was mis sold the policy based on this, my upset is that they wont cover the accident injuries as the employer has put leaving date as the day of the accident therefore hmrc (i think that is the place where the employer would have sent their
  2. Hi PT No I dont think they fired me to getout of stat sick pay persay, I think they wanted to get me out hoping that would get them off the hook as in they didnt have to respond to me about accident as I theoretically was 'off the payrole' Needless to say as the injuries got worse over 2 yrs I had no option to take legal action as I couldnt work and had to go onto disability after accident caused the loss of 1 and 1/2 functioning body parts/organs. they admitted not providing safety equip and causing the accident, but i think they were hoping, had i simply gotten better, i would neve
  3. Hello Ploddertom, sorry its long, but have to get it off my chest. Yes this is a mine field of terrible stuff, I know as I am unable to sleep with worry. Re the sacking ? I had the accident at work, the next day (fri) was my day off as worked weekends as part of my 5 day week. The next day (sat)I went to work so they could see how the accident had affected me and to make sure it was put in the accident book, I put the accident details in writing with the names of 2 witnesses so I knew that it had to be recorded. I was at work for 30mins and then sent home 'to get better as it
  4. Hello Everyone, I am in desperate need of advice, I am scared, I do not know what to do. I took a loan with ppi out on line with one of the supermarkets, which was accepted and I sent off copy of contract of fulltime perm employment etc and signed everything plus the direct debit, the money then went in my account. Shortly ( 3days) after taking out the loan I was involved in an accident at worked, and the long and short of this was : employer knew the accident happened at work, I sent in a self cert form ( which I was told 'one' does as a GP cannot sign you off until after the f
  5. just dealt with this situation - maybe a help platnum account old trustcrad and tsb issued duo cards 2 yrs ago. said didnt want duo card wanted to keep trustcard, told to cut duo card up. 2yrs later - today - statement came with £12 late fee,no statement sent last month.phoned to tell them (I always pay off in one go not monrthly) call centre said would halve late fee as gesture of goodwill, said not good enough, wouldnt budge so called platnum help line. they took my trustcard number the duo statement number and confirmed i had a trustcard but all transactions were going to a d
  6. last august we wanted to book a cruise sailing from florida to the panama canal for a 50th birthday. we have virgin freeway accounts that top up miles flown (like ba airmiles) so wanted to earn and use etc so we wanted to make sure we had virgin flights. so to secure this we vooked via virgin holidays as they use virgin flights, but at the time of booking 8/2008 they said to secure the cruise we would have to book economy flights 8/2008 as upper class were not yet on the booking sytem as they arent released until2009 but when they are released we can upgrade. today we checked v
  7. Hi folks - me again I did a google for limo companies, contacted local ones in west midlands as thats where i am, but as it was xmas, the majority were booked up, so had to search google by type of limo, dates etc. a limo company website came up (though further a field - London area), and was very professional looking, it advertised they had the limo type we wanted available to hire from both Birmingham & Warwick as the company also dealt in this region. I then emailed them the details via the "conatct us for a quote" and they called me back where I went over all the details
  8. OK everyone, I really really need as much help here as possible. I booked and paid for a limo for a charity event for 21 dec 08. To avoid a 3% handling fee I used my own switch card - why burden 3% ontop. Car was booked as a specific car : Red Baby Bentley Limo -confirmed Drinks also booked &paid4 Bubbly & soft Drinks -confirmed Pick up/drop address confirmed Time & address of collection 4.00pm -"- Time & destination 4.30pm NEC -"- Collection place & time midnight at NEC -"- drop off at original collection address -"- Chauffeur Uniformed -"- (c
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