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  1. This is where I will follow through with the regulator again Rob
  2. 42man should I be acting on the letter before action or striking straight with the full and final settlement? I am ready and willing to submit either. The value will however not be to the sum of 1k with all events and the duration taken into account; I shall be honest and say my full and final offer will be nowhere near that figure, would it seriously be yours based on this ongoing saga? Maybe back in 2009 when they first targeted me I may have been desperate to shake them, but with all circumstances considered I also have to take into account their ongoing charge of 1k per year. This is where the problem lays, I can agree to negotiate the balance but without official instruction from a legal entity what is to stop them then putting me back in this position? On a side note, I sent the email this morning instructing withdrawal of implied access to my property and although I have not received a reply, this is the first evening without Mr Door Banger, banging on the door. Today is also the first day in a long time that I've updated the forum. Who knows. If anything I shall be enforcing a far better deal on the account and then ensuring a correctly charged rate for the duration of my involvement with Anglian Water, at this point, I can not trust that to be entrusted with Anglian, I would feel far more secure with this entire case being presented before a judge. After all, this has all started with a fault somewhere, to simply pay them off would not rectify that and ensure correct bills in the future?
  3. Can a letter before action be sent as an email? or does it have to be a typed and printed letter? I started off this case with letters in 09 but has time has passed I've found now in 2011 I'm sending more emails
  4. No. Which may sound bad. I have though, sent 6 offers, all documented with proof, all have been ignored. If any bill had been correct, I would have paid. But as it started with the first bill at over 2k I refused and then this situation started. For every offer I've made, I've had the funds available to send and still do, but I refuse to send any money unless the company confirms in writing that they accept the offer, in which case I would then forward the payment. As things stand, I refuse to simply send money when no acknowledgement of the offer has been confirmed. Would harassment be my basis for the court case in these circumstances?
  5. On a side note. Is it possible for me to commence Court proceedings against them?, with the aim of putting an end to this situation. The only Court process that I have even the slightest of knowledge about is the small claims court, which of course I doubt is relevant in this case. My goal would be to have this current bill written off, a suitable bill issued and for further billing to be a correct representation of usage. Is this possible?
  6. Thank you to everybody who has contributed since I started this thread. Alas, no result to date. Instead I do now have a £5k bill. This averages at an approximate charge rate of 1k per year for my 2 bedroom property. They have resorted to sending the resident in house doorstep debt collection rep/agent to bang on the front door and post through the letter box the wonderful postcards stating that within 24 hours an application will be made to court and I'll lose my worldly possessions ect ect. He came at half 7 last night banging on the door and waking the kids up. I know it's him because it's the same 'man' who put the first threatening card through the door. But this doesn't bother me too much, it's the cheek of it when my efforts to resolve the matter are taken into consideration. I haven't spoken to him as. A) I now actually want a court case and. B) I have demanded every communication to be in writing from the start and I want it to stay that way. Interestingly, a neighbour on my street who is supplied by the same supply pipe as my property announced that she too had a billing problem, only by approx £600, but after following my advice it was written off and reissued to the figure of approximately £70. I however was continued to be ignored and received my usual bill increasing the total by yet another 1k. The world works in mysterious ways. I'm sure my desire for the involvement of judge at this point is understandable, but I have a brief case full of letters from Anglian telling me that if I don't pay the balance then they will commence an application to Court. The procedure from these points is where I usually continue by replying in writing disputing the bill all over again ect ect round in cirlces, Anglian then ignore me and then send another bill when it's due. So the Court threat is never followed through, I never get a result and Anglian just continue to baffle me. I've made several offers all of which have never received a reply. I'm happy in the knowledge that I now have a few years worth of letters with proof of posting ect, containing my willingness to pay, offers of payment, you name it and I've got it. I have also put aside the money that I have offered them but they have never accepted or even acknowledged, so I'm all ready to go. The reason I haven't just sent it to their account details is because, as I'm sure anyone at this point would understand, is that in my opinion this Company is a complete joke, they are incompetent, unprofessional and above all, bullies. So I demand to have a copy in writing that states they accept the amount, that way there can be no argument about what the money sent has been used for ect. Do they really want this to go before a judge? All I want is a correct bill, or if that boat has long since sailed then I'd happily settle for a bill based on the average for the size and occupancy of my property. They know this, yet continue this extremely odd and unproductive game. I've never truly considered the likes of watchdog ect, but maybe this just might be a good one for them. Who knows. Anyway, my advice to anyone who reads this thread is to never give up, if it wasn't for this forum I may well have given in to them out of fear and put myself in extreme financial trouble, even then, it seems I'd still be paying 1k per year so I'd have been in big trouble. I have today sent communication removing the implied access for any representative or agent working for or acting on behalf of Anglian Water with the intention of collecting money from me on my doorstep, I clearly stated that access is still granted for the purpose checking meters/pipes ect so there can be no confusion there, but I'm not having this banging on my door rubbish trying to intimidate me into paying this bill. I will call police too if he comes back and refuses to remove himself on request.
  7. Hi, I may have worded the title wrong, I'm not sure, but what I mean to ask is if a debt to the DVLA for not declaring a car as SORN is considered a civil debt resulting in bailiffs and/or attatchment of earnings ect or if it is considered a criminal debt resulting in prison like council tax debt? The DVLA has just handed such a case to a debt collection company who are now asking for payment in full in 72 hours. Do I have the right to ask to pay in installments or will they legaly refuse and continue to demand payment in full until they put the case through to the court? at which point, would the judge then allow me to pay in installments or as it's a DVLA debt would the bailiffs be sent straight to me? I want to ring the collection company today but would be very grateful if somebody could help me with my questions so I know where I stand and the best way to help the situation for when I speak to them. Many thanks
  8. Hi, no they haven't resolved it. They've taken to dropping cards through my door telling me they will take me to court. Had a few of those now. Letters are not responded too, phone contact results in the same 'please complete our survey so we can see how your water is used' at a loss now, just sending what I believe is a fair monthly usage whilst they continue to multiply the amount owed by a staggering rate. The original bill I stated on this thread is peanuts compared to what they are now asking for 1 year on. They are set on not reducing the bill. To be honest I think only a judge can resolve it now. At one point they were telling me an 'indoor' meter would be installed but that never happened and they are no longer interested in doing that.
  9. A piece of bread not much progress in a year then, I've still not finished my 'end of the world' shelter, doesn't look like I'll need it anyway lol
  10. We've always been so careful with this number since getting it, the only online application we've done was for sky itself but the number didn't exist at that point. Frustrating, thankfully as it's only family with the number then changing it wont cause many problems. Should I tell Sky the reason why I want to change it and give them Churchwoods' name and number?
  11. Hi, We get Churchwood finance calling twice a day every day with an automated message about debt consolidation. We've only had our phone line 4 weeks, provided by Sky, and apart from family, Sky are the only people who have our number, so I guess they very kindly sold it to this odd Churchwood company. Anyway, that's neither here nor there, what I would like to know is how can I get them to stop calling? we are ex directory for all the good it seems to have done. The automated message says to press 5 to speak to an adviser, but after speaking to a friend they told me to be careful doing that as it will verify my number as ok to call? doesn't make much sense to me as if I need to verify it to be ok, then why are they ringing before I have done so? So, should I press 5 and ask the advisor to remove my number from their system (honestly hold little faith in that working) or should I contact Sky to ask for that number to be blocked from getting through to me? (not sure if that service exists?) or is there some other way to get them to stop calling?
  12. yes, it was the large amount of threads relating to items being faulty and the problems that follow that put me off the most. Also some threads about having to pay for weeks before the item is even delivered as most things have to be ordered, I wouldn't really want to pay anything untill I've actualy seen it. If they had a reputation for quality relaible goods then I might think differently, but they clearly don't have that reputation.
  13. Sorry to have taken up your time if you've read this thead but I've just spent some time reading previous threads and found the answers to my questions. I will not be using this company based on what I've read, thank you to everyone that has made the effort to post in this section, everything that has been said has helped me to avoid them
  14. Hello, I was thinking of using Brighthouse for a new sofa and possibly TV, I know and understand this forum is to be used for problem solving but just wondered on the off chance if maybe someone could advise if dealing with them would be a mistake or not? I understand they're terrible to deal with if I don't keep up with payments and after viewing their website I'd opt for the monthly direct debit payments. But what they don't seem to state is delivery costs, I will ultimatley ring them to find out but was hoping maybe to have some info before speaking to a salesperson. Do they have a reputation for increasing direct debits without warning? I guess also that the 4 reference contacts will be used to harass if I miss a payment? Do they contact my chosen references on the application process or only if I miss a payment? It all seems to good to be true, and I've researched the problems that happen when payments are missed but will everything be ok if I keep on the straight and narrow? Any advice grately appreciated.
  15. Bit of an old post I'm dragging up, but just to give an update if it helps anyone else in the same situation. It turned out it was crossed wires on their part as I put my agreement of a pre pay meter in a letter and so before it was acted on we were getting the threat letters. Anyway, meter went in. £10 credit provided for us on it to get us started. £3 per week charge towards our debt and in total we're putting £10 a week on and still having around £3 left from it so the meter is always well in credit. No more threat letters, far more energy efficent now, no appliance or light (except fridge/freezer) ever left on when it's not being used and so the meter suits us down to the ground, I know in some cases pre pay meters can be expensive and in some cases a stigma may still be attatched, but I'd say get one as certainly for us it's a great choice
  16. Hi, We currently don't have a phone line connected, (it's all there, just needs connecting) never have in our current house as we always used mobiles which is now becoming too expensive, especialy calling numbers that are free for landlines yet a silly rate for mobile callers. I've read that BT charge approx £120 for the connection charge, yet I'm sure in the past I've seen offers from phone companies that offer 'free' connection or the connection charge built into the monthly bill - -Virgin is one such company but they use the fibre optic cables which isn't available in our area. Are there any companies that currently offer free connection or with the charge built into the monthly bill? I've searched the net but they all seem to require a BT connection in place already. Any help would be appreciated
  17. Hi, I pay my TV licence DD quarterly and the next payment was due 1st June, the account with Abbey that I use I knew had no funds in untill the 1st (today) and that's how I've done it many times. Money and DDs seem to happen at midnight and the DDs are deducted from the money instantly and all is well. But 10/15 mins ago whilst it was still the 31st May I checked the account online and the TV DD has gone out leaving me -£36. So that's another £30+ abbey charge to come at the end of June. Plus it was a Sunday, when has the abbey ever processed anything on a Sunday? but the agreement was for the DD to be taken 1st June not 31st May, everything would have been fine if it was the agreed date. Who do I approach to sort this out, is it the TV licence people or Abbey?
  18. But I have already said yes to them installing it, I've got no problems with a meter. I just don't understand in what why 3rd party debt collectors come into it?
  19. Hello, I'm just trying to get clear in my head what E.ON is threatning in a recent letter to me. We have arrears, had trouble paying them, they rejected my offer so I agreed to their inflated version thinking I'd find a way to afford it but I can't any longer. I can afford my original offer that they rejected so that is what I now pay regardless. They've said they'll go to court to have a meter forcefully installed. At first I didn't like the idea, but fair's fair and it's the only way I'm going to get sorted so I've said no need for court you can put one in and in the mean time I've continued paying what I can afford (below what I agreed too originaly) They've now sent a letter saying that because I haven't kept to my agreement of a payment plan if I don't pay in full then they'll involve a 3rd party debt collector. I understand the process of going to court to have an order placed on you to have access for a meter to be installed. But what's this about debt collectors? Are they suggesting they'll cut the supply and pass the outstanding debt to a collector leaving me with no electric and a huge debt? I've already said yes to a meter and paying what I can afford untill they install it so I don't see the need for this recent letter and I don't understand it? Can anyone help guide me on what their intentions are as I thought I'd done everything as best I could?
  20. I don't know if it helps but ref the legal action, they have sent me countless threats, each carefully selected off the template from their computer system, I reach a certain threat letter and then they repeat them all over again from the first. They threatened to take items from my house, told me that simply by taking me to court I'd automaticly be charged a ridiculous figure, said that the judge will automaticly award them baliff rights ect. This has been going on for 6 months now. All I want is a correct bill! So as far as their legal team stands I think you may have good time to reach a resolution before they dust off their suits.
  21. Thank you very much Michael that was an excellent link. So on that basis am I correct in saying that my Husband would be a Lay representative? in which case, the link mentioned that under extreme circumstances I wouldn't have to atend and my lay representative may stand alone in my absence. I am willing to attend if the law insists I do, but my husband will be speaking for me, I am 7 months Pregnant, do you think this fact would stand as reason to be absent?
  22. I found Fredrickson not too bad to get rid of. It never got to the Bryan Carter stage, I think I got stuck in at the right time. They were quick to respond to the harrasment letter and removed my number. But I did find with them that they ignore the initial CCA requests and continue to threaten, but if you follow the right order of letters in their various stages then finally they stop and they did after a long period of silence acknowledge their defeat by letter and stated they were passing it back to the OC. Haven't heard from them or the OC since. I found them quite polite on the phone, but it was a young lady, so she's probably been sacked by now for being too friendly:rolleyes:
  23. Hello, I have a possible court case against me starting soon. (against Anglian Water) Just wondering if anybody that has court experience/knowledge could please tell me if a County Court would allow my Husband to represent me, if that's the right term. I'm happy to of course be there and answer questions but I didn't know if he would be allowed to present the defence for me, as he's far better with words and knowledge of what's needed. Many thanks
  24. Quick update. Anglian Water have continued to refuse to give an explanation in writting as to why the bill is so high and continued to request me to phone them. They've now issued 'Advance Notice Of Legal Procceedings', they've already sent the 'red' threat letter a few weeks ago so I guess this is their stage 2. They've used the same wording as a DCA would 'Order for the sale of your house', 'removal of possessions from your home', 'deduction from your wages' ect and so on. I'll of course defend, but, should I lose what would actually happen?
  25. ah, thanks Seminole, I posted my reply before I read yours
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