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  1. A few months ago I purchased a fridge/freezer from Comet. At the time I was having my house rebuilt (still am!) which included the kitchen. It was at the planning stage and we needed to choose a fridge/freezer so the kitchen could be built around it. We chose one and Comet agreed to keep it for us until we were ready for delivery. We bought and paid for it in full. They called me from time to time for an update and I advised them the kitchen was not ready and they recorded it on their computer. Last week I got a call from Comet to advise they had discontinued the appliance and my order had been disposed of! They advised I could choose another from them or I could get a refund in full, plus as a gesture of goodwill they would give me another £150. I asked them to advise if they had another appliance that was the same dimensions and specification (It had to be black and the chiller/water dispenser to be on the door of the freezer giving more freezer storage space). They could only give me one option but it was not suitable. However, I have found my original appliance online with another site but for more money. I spoke to Comet to advise the option they offered was not suitable as it was not the same dimensions. I told them I had seen the original elsewhere for more money and advised I would like them to reimburse me the cost of replacement with the other store. They then told me they would only give me a refund of what I had originally paid, but went back on what they told me regarding the £150 offer of goodwill! The appliance with the other site is £250 more and yet they were offering me another appliance with Comet that was £300 more! This is absurd especially as it was their error. I should have been contacted either by letter or phone to advise they were discontinuing my appliance and to be given option of having it delivered or cancelling. NOT just cancel without notification as it was bought and paid for in full. Can anyone advise where I stand with this?
  2. The retail park obviously has cameras and the fact I was seen walking out of the car park and across the road towards the Mall alerted the warden to take a photo of the car and stick a fine on it. However, if I ignore it, they will probably get in touch with the owner of the vehicle (remember it was a hire car) and the company will pay and then invoice me and by that time it will be £90! Perhaps if I write to them and explain exactly what happened I cannot see they can force me to pay?
  3. Hi flyingdoc, The notice was issued by UKPC (UK Parking Control) and the Traffic Enforcement notice I have just received has a image taken of my hire vehicle as evidence I was parked there. However, there is no payment meters for parking at this Retail Park as it is free to customers using their stores. The fact that I left the site and returned without shopping bags should tell them I did only go to use the loo and not to park free to use the shopping mall!!
  4. Hi to you all, I am new here and wish to post a thread you may be able to help with if any of you have been in a similar position. I was driving home from work and stopped off in a Retail Park to pick up a router for one of my sons. I was driving a hire car and as I would have to pay £100 to them if it got scratched or dented, I parked it way away from other vehicles. I got out of the car and decided I needed to use the bathroom before I went into Maplins. I knew opposite there was a Shopping Mall and in there were toilets. I left the car and walked across. In the Mall, I received a phone call from my husband who told me he had seen the same router online and it was cheaper than Maplins and not to bother to get it as he was going to order it. I returned to the vehicle and saw there was a parking notice on it. On opening it, I read it was issued as I left the site! I called the parking company and they told me I could appeal. I have just had the notice sent to me but there is no area on the certificate where I can appeal and if I pay within 14 days I only pay £45. If it goes over this, I have to pay £90. Outrageous! As it is Christmas I only received the certificate today (24th December) and the date it occured was 18th Dec. Therefore, by the time they get back to work after Christmas and no doubt into the New Year, it will be over 14 days. I certainly intend to appeal but my question is should I send a cheque for £45 with the appeal?
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