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  1. I can confirm right now this method does actually work. Two months ago I received confirmation from Cabot that they would be closing my account and removing all entries from my credit file. I would recieve no further correspondence from them. Within 7 days all entries on my credit file were removed like the debt never existed. Thank you very much £9800 gone Thanks as always SC
  2. Oh the one thing I forgot to mention Zara Richards "Attorney" She never has been and never will be unless she's obtained a law degree which she hasn't. She was only the Director of Collections not Attorney. Yet more Bull**** to try and misguide and mislead you. In short "Fraud"
  3. Evening, I said I would never post on this forum again but as blondmark has kindly backed up what I have been saying all along I shall humor you with what Link Financial hav tried to pass of as a deed of assignment. As you will see this agreement between both parties actually took place 10 months before this account was even assigned to them. How can this be when my account was up to date and not in arrears????? It has no reference to ME whatsoever Nowhere within the document do it actually state DOA No amounts that have been blanked out. Nothing nothing nothing. I could
  4. I'm not insulting you. you started with the FOTL crap not me pal. Yes it is a sensative document but when you go to court which is very unlikely to ever happen you have the perfect piece of case law to throw at a DJ from a LORD. Do you really think they want to take a chance like that? In short no they don't and I can show you thousands of closed accounts using the same process over and over again. But keeping giving out your CCA advice and when the crap hits the fan users are hung out to dry with no reponses from anyone. I seen it to many times on this forum that's why me and
  5. Right I'm off as like so many others as trying to help and give some different advice obvisiouly upsets certain people All the best take care and big love to all Scrapper Coco
  6. If a DCA is chasing you for a debt and they have no paperwork, then they have no right to process your data You MUST send them a SECTION 10 NOTICE to stop them processing your data. They must reply within so many days to either confirm they are a) going to stop processing your data or b) carry on processing your data, either way they MUST reply to you. If they do not reply you can take them to court over this. It is a serious offence for them not to reply http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/section/10 Data Protection Act 1998 - Section 10 NOTICE ISSUED PURSUA
  7. And anyone else who is BRAVE enough to try something different. There is more than one route to defeat these **** Thanks as always Scrappy Coco
  8. I have just been informed what fotl stands for. Freeman of the land, you must be bloody kidding me right? Anyone who knows me would tell you I'm the last person to have anything to do with those nutters. The fact of the matter is, I have used a process that works and quoted a piece of LAW not some bloody fantasy that was pulled out of my arse. I have spent the best part of a year educating myself. Perhaps you should do the same pal. Knowledge is power. Use the correct tactics and play the game because that's what it is a bloody game. There is more than one way of deal
  9. And just so we are clear, I'm not actually spreading anything. My first post in over a year for obvious reasons so please do not make out that I'm spreading crap all over this forum. I'm merely stating the route I decided to take and it works Thanks as always Scrapper Coco
  10. Really? Well then kindly explain why I have seen of 3 DCA's using this method and accounts have been closed? Then proceeding to use a Section 10 had details removed from my CF. That is why I know longer really look at this forum and use more knowledgable sources Thanks as always Scrapper Coco
  11. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SEE THE DEED OF ASSIGNMENT Lord Denning states in the Pelias Construction Case (Van Lynn Developments v Pelias Construction Co Ltd 1968 [3] All ER 824) where he said the debtor is entitled to "view the sale agreement to ensure that the assignee can give him good discharge under the contract." "In order that the assignee may obtain the benefit of the Law of Property Act 1925, express notice in writing of the assignment must be given to the debtor, trustee or other person from whom the assignor would have been entitled to claim the debt or the chose or thing in ac
  12. Until you miss a payment then your see how good Tesco's really are. I've been to hell and back with them and their crap. 3 years and counting and even after FOS ruled in MY favor I'm still having to fight them. Cheers Scrapper Coco
  13. Overdone is correct. All credit cards monitor cash withdrawals very closely as this is usually a sign your out of cash and more likely to default on them. It is nothing new. I've had this conversation with a Banking friend of mine. Cheers Scrapper Coco
  14. Or disband FOS and set a completely independent body that is ACTUALLY independent. Not an organisation that is supposed to be independent yet all it's employees seem to have their own long term agenda. Career enhancement and god knows what else. My personal opinion. You only have to look at my complaint about Barclays and read all the correspondence between Sharkleys and FOS to see what was really going on. Sharkleys are now investigating maters correctly. Funny that considering I have them by the short and curlys
  15. Hi all, back again. Well the house sale fell through as the purchaser couldn't get a mortgage even though they were supposed to be a cash buyer We have had another offer but it is £25K less than the asking price so had to opt for another house which is 2 doors away from the previous one we wanted to buy, but £30K cheaper. In short Webb Resolutions (Picture) won't get a thing. I have explained everything to them and asked to transfer the entire charge and I am awaiting their decision. Not holding my breath though. My only trump card is that I have it in writing from Webb th
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