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  1. Good point about the space ownership, I'll mail the landlord and see if he bought the space or rents it off the management company.
  2. Unfortunately it's a private gated area with a company employed to do the clamping, so although my landlord bought the parking space when he bought the flat, the clamping firm are employed by the management company to patrol the area. The photos of my car and the clamp etc are on this flickr photoset. parking fine - a set on Flickr Thanks for your thoughts though.
  3. Hi everyone, and Merry Christmas, I was clamped today in my own parking space at my flat for not displaying my permit. To be honest its my own fault so have paid and am willing to accept the fine. However when I paid the clamper couldn't use his mobile card machine and so I had to pay over the phone to the head office. The payment went through and I asked the driver to provide me with a receipt but the office told him he couldn't and they would send me one. Do they not need to provide me one on the spot then? It's a long shot but I am thinking that maybe this breaches the protocol
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