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  1. I has a letter in June from a company called DLC saying I had an outstanding balance with them for £833.56 relating to 'Hillesden Securities Ltd' after calling them they said it related to a Black Horse loan taken out in 2004 which they purchased in 2007. On receipt of their letter I had a look on my credit file and the only thing listed was a car loan with Balckhorse in 2004 which was settled in 2005, I did have an additional loan with them but as far as I remember this was fully paid......I cant find details of this on my file. I called DLC in June and asked them to provide me with
  2. no the £18k wasn't secured. How ever I would have thought the mortgage company would have let the solicitor know about it at the time of sale
  3. The £18k is the top up loan, when I looked back through the paper work it wasn't on there from the solicitor. Upto this letter I thought it was paid, I cant find the org docs relating to the loan....should I ask for these from DLC or CBS ?
  4. 3 years ago I bought a house with my Mum, when we bought it we took a 100% mortgage with CBS this was formed in 2 loans....95% for the mortgage and then a second loan to top it up. We sold the house last year and walked away with nothing...as far as I knew the loan was paid back the the same time. I rec'd a letter from DLC saying they we're now collecting the £18k still outstanding. I'm unsure of how to handle this as I obviously dont have £18k and we sold the house because we couldn't afford to live there. I currently live with my bf in his house and dont own anything of value.
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