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  1. I have accepted the offer on the condition that I can take some cash from the Maestro card. Is the Maestro card a debit or credit card, will they be able to see what I have purchased on it? if so if its not an item that was specifically listed will they query it? I've lost on the claim as it is because with will not replace any car related items and as its a garage fire, it was mostly car stuff the got damaged! Thanks
  2. Hi, hope you can help me I've just made a claim through my insurance for fire damage in my garage. They have agreed to the claim and are willing to pay out but initially they offered it all in Argos gift card but after declining they now offer part in Argos gift card and the rest on a maestro card. Can they do this?
  3. Hi, I began to reclaim my bank charges from HSBC in April 2008 the total to date is just over £4000. In Feb this year I had and operation and am unable to return to work as I cannot do my duties but I cannot claim any benefit so I am having extreme financial hardship as my mortgage payments are more than half of my husbands pay leaving us (a family of 4) with only £70 shopping a month. I have claimed hardship and the bank phoned me this morning, Mon 22nd Dec 2008, to discuss this explain that I have proved my hardship. They asked me what arrears I owe and even though they will phone me
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