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  1. OK, I was under the impression that business debts could not be incorporated into a DMP. If that is so then that is good news as the people I use have been fantastic. I will give them a call and explain that more debt is incoming!
  2. Yes thats right, a sole trader. Business was struggling but when she got diagnosed with the cancer then it was impossible to carry on.
  3. Hi Guys, My other half had a business but it had to be shut down a year ago as she has breast cancer. The current overdraft debt is £11,800, agreed limit was always £10k and i have just come off the phone after they have refused to issue a plan as my income and expenditure has not come out favourable to them. We have a debt management plan in place for some personal debts and that has worked great as my partner has not been working. We could afford about £80/month for this business debt but they want £229! Over the last year they have been piling on the charges which equate to about £2000 and we have paid in very little. They basically just said legal action will now be taken. Hopefully early next year my partner can start work again and we will be in a better position. Anything you can suggest?
  4. Hi Guys, bit of a strange one. A dealer has been trying to sell my car at his lot for the last 18 months, after a couple of test drives it needed some work which I paid for. I did a deal which meant I got £1500 from the sale and he could have whatever on top. It has been a difficult sale due to the high mileage and I have had updates when I have rung up. Just had a letter from the DVLA stating I am no longer the current owner. I range the garage who sounded a bit flustered, stated that the car had been sold and that he was sending me the £1500. That was over a week ago. They have been in business over 12 years. Any idea what to do? Is it fraudulent for them to change the ownership without my consent?
  5. Hi everyone, I have had a Mercedes C220 from new purchased in September 2003. I kept the car and got a car loan arranged by Mercedes for the final balloon payment. I am getting a company car in December and last month a guy in the car trade told me about VT. Sure enough I get my agreement out and send a letter. No response so I send another and cancel my direct debit. I have a bad credit rating from past business debts this year so a missed payment to make them take notice does not bother me. I have paid well more than half and the final payment is due next July. The car really needs to go now though. The car is in good order and has 176k miles on the clock. I am not upto date on servicing because it was just getting too expensive for the age/mileage of the car. My agreement does not mention about servicing, just keep in good order. There are some chips and scratches on the alloys but what can you expect with a 7 year old car with 176k mileage. I got a letter back from Black horse wanting all sorts to take the car. I know I am behind on payments 3 weeks as I cancelled the direct debit which is fine so I am wiling to pay whats due but they are wanting £365.98. My normal monthly payment is £260. I have the MOT and V5 documents. I have scanned all paperwork for you to look at. How would you guys handle this, just pay up what they want? The figure just doesnt seem to relate to anything. Agreement: The letter and stuff I just received: Thanks for all you do on this forum, its the best thing on the internet!!! I tell everyone about it
  6. Yes, ignore and inform the company with a recorded letter that you are unwell.
  7. Good to see you are changing banks.
  8. My other half is disputing her Abbey card and got a letter the other day asking for her signature to update there records LOL. Wonder how many people actually do that and send it back. It went in the bin of course!
  9. i have used MCOL twice and its always got the desired result
  10. I had a similar thing from Clarity for £2.5k, ignored it and not had anything else so far. That was in June.
  11. lloyds have frozen the interest on my loan and overdraft
  12. I have been on a DMP for 6 months now and all calls and letters have stopped so far. At least 2 thirds of my agreements have had interest frozen.
  13. I would keep paying Lloyds and ignore moorcroft.
  14. You should change bank accounts. I swapped to Coop even though I had bad credit. They have been great.
  15. Hi Everyone, We started a business 3 years ago and currently have a £10k overdraft with natwest. Due to the starting difficulties we have incurred around £2500 in bank charges in the last 2.5 years and I feel this is really taking the micky regarding a new startup business. I would like to claim but really need the overdraft. If I claim are natwest likely to want to shut down the account? I have tried numerous other banks for a parachute account but none will give the overdraft which is essential. Do I just carry on and forget it and put it down to a business experience? Cheers
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