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  1. Cheers guys when it gets to the 12+2 day limit and send the dispute letter should i mention about the letter they have already sent or mention about the legal requirement for them to get the cca not egg
  2. Hi i have a debt with egg being chased by COllect direct i sent off a CCA letter to them they have now responded saying that i have to contact egg is that correct ??? i thought as they where chasing the debt they had to prove it not for me to chase it Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Posting the cca request tomorrow with no signature however i have a default listed on this account but never recd anything nothing wa on the in the details they sent with the SAR is their a standard letter i can send to see if they will remove the defualt Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Scott the card is from 2001 the charges are no where near the balance owed around 4000 grand is am paying 100 quid a month a the moment cheers Paul
  5. Hi i have had the sar back it had a print off of statements and a letter saying that they could not find a copy of my Orignal Application form the debt is with moorcroft at the moment how do i go about stopping payment do i write a letter to them saying why or do i just stop paying and wait them to contact me? i have not spoken with moor croft at the moment as i was waiting for the reply from RBS Cheers Paul
  6. Hi fish man Have you been defaulted yet? if not I would suggest if you can make a small token payment and send offer to make token payment letter as well. It might delay the default process as one default will badly effect your credit rating while missed payments are not as bad.
  7. Hi i sent a SAR request 50 days ago and the only thing i have had back is a letter asking for more id which i sent back around 2 weeks ago what do i now. i was looking to claim credit card charges back Cheers Wilkco
  8. Hi Slick This was before I found CAG I went on the CAB website and downloaded the freeze interest letter also included a income and expenses form. I then had a phone call from their collections team i.e. call centre in India (I know you should not speak to them on the phone but didn't know any better at the time) said about the letter I sent and said and I was struggling with the normal repayments they then agreed to freeze the interest I am paying 27 pounds a month on a 2500 debt. I think because I offered to pay more than a token payment that is why they agreed. I do not use d
  9. Hi I have a Barclaycard account that they agreed to freeze interest and accept lower monthly repayments around a year around. Yesterday I received a letter from them stating that the are increasing my interest rate from 0 to 0.25% however my month payments are staying the same I am wondering if it is worth contacting them again to ask to freeze the interest again and no increased payment or say if you freeze my interest i will increase my payments by a couple of pound. Any ideas or if people have received this type of letter before what they did would be appreciated
  10. Hi guys/girls I have sent SAR to rbs how long can i expect to wait for the details to come through. Also I am looking to claim back the charges how responsive are they to trying to claim back charges. I am not interested in the cca bit as I spent the money I want to pay it back.
  11. Hi guys i am starting to look at cleaning up my defaults on my credit file i have one from RBS that was sent to my old address. The default on the file was after i moved how would i go about getting this removed i have sent of my SAR to get a list of my changes and a copy of my defualt notice.
  12. Hi i have just taken out the free 30 experian offer on checking my report there is a balance showing for an account that was deducted due to damage to house by there delivery guy. it is not showing any defaults or anything just the outstanding balance see below Company name:REDCATS (BRANDS) LIMITED Account type:Mail order Started:28/04/1994 Current Balance:£40 Settled On:13/05/2006 File Updated for the Period to:30/05/2006 Status history: [] brackets indicate most recent months status [ ] > > > > > > > > how do i go about getting
  13. [/font] I had an overdraft and flexi loan with hsbc lost my job and defaulted on both opened up a new account with NatWest. Had a threat letter from dg solicitors for the total amount saying that they wanted payment or will take me to court. Would not accept my offer of payment like my other creditors so I went looking for advice and found this website sent of my cca letter for my flexi loan account only as I know from reading info on this website that overdrafts are not covered. Then recd the above letter back from them flexi loan was a loan where you paid a set amount a month bu
  14. Hi Guys i sent off the cca letter and yesterday recd a letter back which states please note that we are only required to provide infomation relating to a loan pursuant to section 77 of the consumer act 1974 where sum in respect of that loan is will or may become payable. Accordingly where as in this instance a loan has been fully reapid where by way of refinancing or otherwise we regret that we are unable to provide info relating to the loan in response to any request which is made pursuant to that lesgislation. what do i do next ???? Cheers Wilkco
  15. babybear39 yes i have from egg PGH7447 Collect Direct
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