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  1. The problem being, that even though they are not on file, they do exist, and if they issue a SD, I need to know how to get it set aside, or make a decision to offer a token payment to avoid such actions. For instance am i too late once they serve a sd? Should I try to make an arrangement before that happens?
  2. OK. I have checked my CRA file (experian), which seems like a waste of time. Firstly the DCA are listed on only one debt, less than £100. Some of my debts aren't even showing on the file, even though I know they are owned and not SB'd. I have had a letter of assignment on one of the debts, but the dca is not on the cra file, I'm guessing just hasn't been updated. So what is the point of getting the CRA report? Is there something I should be looking for in particular? Should I get reports from the other cra's?
  3. C.C. five figure sum. (2 cards). There are other debts with other dca's. Not much else to tell really, see post yesterday at 14.28.
  4. Hi 42man, I already had the SAR a year or so. I think everything is in order, no ppi etc.
  5. Thanks. The only reason for non payment is simply I don't have anything to pay with. I took out credit at a time when I could afford it, but things went badly wrong health wise, gave up my business, sold my house, lived off the proceeds for as long as I could, and now I have nothing. I do owe the money, but I'll never be able to pay off what I owe. Bankruptcy would be not the end of the world, but why go bankrupt if I can get to the 6 year SB limit.
  6. Thanks to all. Halibutt, I would really like to send them a letter with a similar paragraph to the one in yours. Is there any way of doing this without restarting the five year cycle? Supposing I get a relative to send them a letter informing them of my current plight. Would that constitute contact by me and restart the cycle?
  7. Ah, so I take it then that they look at your CRA file, see where your living and then look up the address on the LR site? That makes sense. I'm also on ESA due to ill health, which is why I'm heavily in debt. I would tell them this, but am getting close to Stat. Barred, so obviously don't want to speak to them.
  8. As I don't want to speak to these people, I really want to know, how do they know if I own my property (which I don't), or am just a tenant (which I am)?
  9. Hi, I have a few creditors, but one in particular who I have read a lot of posts about on here are threatening bankruptcy. I am renting my house, and wondered are they likely to make someone like me with no assets bankrupt? I have not spoken to them, and would like to know if they have a way of finding out that I am now renting my home, and if so will that put them off going down the bankruptcy route?
  10. In the mid 90's I was involved in a business partnership and took out a secured loan (secured on my property), with Barclays Bank. The house was jointly owned by myself and wife. She also signed the document relating to the charge on the property. We did not actually live in the property and still don't. In 2001 my wife died and the mortgage was paid off by the insurance element of the endowment. However the land registry obviously wouldn't release the deeds because of the charge. It is 13 years since I have had any contact with Barclays, and I had hoped that the 12 year statute barred
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