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  1. I have issued a small claims action against Egg to remove a default because the account was in dispute and had ppi connected mondeo can you send me so info to help prepare for court hearing and anyone else. I felt i had nothing to lose.
  2. I have today again written to Wendy Schratz Director at Egg I have already written to Experian. Egg have to make me an offer I have stated that it must include the removal of the DN or dont bother I hope with FOS involved it will put more pressure on them I am prepared to pay any outstanding balance in full once deductions have been made for the mis-sold ppi. I remember months ago Egg rejected claims of online mis-sold ppi now FOS are upholding most complaints it willl only put more pressure on them i will throw everything at them i will also record a note on my file that the account is in d
  3. My complaint has also been upheld by FOS there are issues involved upon which I need guidance. I cancelled the premium about 8 months ago. I was late with my payments on my card due to a reduction in my hours my matter was referred to DLC they have hounded and harassed me I lodged a complaint before dlc got involved and stated that there is a dispute on the file. I have a default notice registered on my credit file which I want removing i intend to settle this debt in full as I am due some money in october i intend to accept the offer as set out from the ombudsman and use my compensation mon
  4. i have today received a letter from FOs upholding my complaint for missold ppi from egg and stating they should pay me compensation, egg passed my debt to dlc and registered a default notice on my file i am insisting this is removed what are the chances of egg appealing this, payign full compensation i have a debtg of around 3,000 encompassing ppi and just want this written off and the default notice remmoved with the account closed any advice greatly received they have 21 days FOS say egg did not pay due regard to the information needs of me and sold a product to me that was unsuitable
  5. i made a complaint to FOS re internet ppi they state it was missold and that egg should pay compensation amongst other things the debt was passed to dlc they registered a default i complained and said they should not as the account is in dispute
  6. you will need to liaise with the court you need some specialised advice now as it has been a while since i have done litigation what does defence say liaise with one of the successful Caggers
  7. in the court where i practice costs in small claims court are not normally permitted unless their are extenuating circumstances it is my view that you should write to the court setting out that you do not agree to an extension set out the first deadline for their defence ask for judgement in default as they have had sufficient time and say that they have requested an extension and stated they will seek costs if you do not consent however it is their failure that has caused the delay and not you and seek the Judge's view on the matter. I would be surprised if they awarded costs against you
  8. Court time tables are set for a reason they have to have a justified reason for appealing do not make it easy for them. It is for them to set out their case to the Judge. Unless they have a justified reason which they should tell you about, they will struggle if you do not consent. Dont worry its not your problem let them worry about it
  9. It is my view that they have not complied with the court timetable and they are grovelling to you to agree to an extension. I would say no to force them to issue an application which could be rejected and they can pay the costs. They are just threatening you with paying the costs if I was a judge I would say please provide a detailed reason for the delay and not complying with the timetable, its their problem and you can simply put more pressure on them - I speak as a litigation solicitor myself
  10. i am a solicitor and considering issuing a claim against Egg in relation to PPI as they say I ticked the box on the online application and the T & C were online I note that phatram was successful but was it in relation to online application anyone which any advice to assist me would be appreciated I have corresponded with Wendy Schratz and I think she is nervous help need to help me and many others
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