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  1. OK so must have N149 then it does say on form 'This information is shown on the Form N152 which came with this questionnaire' but the allocation question is all she got thanks, Mike
  2. printer is not working , it is letter and form sent from Northampton county court title on letter is 'Notice that a defence has been filed' and the form is 'An allocation questionnaire enclosed' {small claims track} I think its because she defended the ccj that safeloans are trying to put her on thanks
  3. hi folks just an update well after filling in court forms safe loans sent her another option to pay it all off with no interest added which if we did it would be unfair to her other creditors so she has not proceeded with this but is continuing to pay by cccs ,but now we have been sent FORM N152 questionnaire to fill in,if we proceed with this form will there be further court fees to pay thanks all
  4. ok will try thanks for u help will let u know outcome
  5. 30th of sept but we wont be here at weekend as i work away from home thanks
  6. yes i have,must be busy thanks
  7. hi any help with submitting our defense please thanks
  8. and the agreement thanks Agreement number ****** Fixed Sum Loan Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Parties: This Loan Agreement is made between: - US; Safeloans Limited T/A PaydayOk, 1st Floor Offices, 30 Church Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1RB (the "Creditor") and YOU; *************************************(the "Debtor"). Duration of Credit Agreement: 2 months Amount of Credit: £250.00 How and when credit will be provided: by bank deposit or any other method in the Debtor's designated bank account as following execution of this agreement. Rate of Interes
  9. Safeloans Ltd T/A PaydayOK An explanation about your fixed sum loan agreement Before we can process your loan application, we must provide you with some important information known in law as an 'adequate explanation' about the loan product we offer. Please consider this information carefully alongside the SECCI form provided to help decide whether the loan is suitable for you. A short term instalment loan of this type is designed to provide you with a cash advance payable over 1-4 months. We offer loans of between £50 and £400. We charge interest at a fixed, flat rate of 1% of t
  10. Date: 30/04/2012 Date: 28/05/2012 PRE-CONTRACT CREDIT INFORMATION (Standard European Consumer Credit Information) 1. Contact details Creditor Address Telephone number(s) Email address Fax number Web address Safeloans Ltd T/A PaydayOK 1st floor, 30 Church Street, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1RB 020 868 00990 info@safeloans.co.uk 020 329 21655 http://www.safeloans.co.uk 2. Key features of the credit product The type of credit. Fixed sum loan regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 repaying over 2 months The total amount of credit. This means the amount
  11. pm is private message, if u click on his name u should see option to send message to him
  12. im sure andy will respond lady i think hes here more in mornings so just send him a pm
  13. 30th of sept thanks which is sunday so really need to send it off on the 26th at latest cheers
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