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  1. Hi all Just back from a lovley holiday in sunny Spain. Been reading loads trying to keep up with people. Saturday morning got almost exactly the same letter from Wragges, my court case is on 17th, next Monday, spoke to the courts today (Bedford) and the Judge has stayed the case. Does anyone know how long the outcome will take, are we looking at early next year or somewhere near the middle:confused:. Getting really fed up now. Caza
  2. I agree with Jenny, stick to your timetable and you'll be fine, don't believe all you read, especially from A&L and Wragge. You'll be fine Caza
  3. Welldone Jess They try to scare us with talk of having all the cases stayed, yet they still pay out, what a bunch of morons. Cant wait to see what my court decides:). Brilliant news for you and Mimi, payouts were a bit few and far between latley, but their coming thick and fast now. Bring it on Caza
  4. Well done Mimi After all your hard work and stress its nice to know that its all finally all over.:D. Your advice on this forum is invaluable and hope you check in now and then to see how were all doing. Good on ya Caza
  5. Hi there Wragges can't put your case on hold they have no power to do so, they're just messing with you. They can apply to the Courts to have the case stayed and then its down to you and the courts as to wether you want this to happen. Don't believe anything your told about your case unless it is on headed paper from the courts:). If they do apply to have the case stayed then you have so many days to oppose this. Remember they have nothing but empty threats, speak to the courts and unless you hear any different stick with your timetable. Caza
  6. Well done Mimi:D. I bet you thought that you'd never get here, but atleast the end is in sight. I agree with Vincymum about the wasted costs, butI am so not an expert on that. Hopefully the cheque will arrive before Weds (stupid postmen). Hope all goes well. Well done Caza
  7. Just looked at the new poc on the sticky, it also strongly recommends that claims are no longer issued through mcol. Do you think that those of us that have already done so using the earlier poc will come up against any problems when we do go to court.????. Hope this dosn't cause any problems. Good news about the OFT case today though its a shame that it will take so long to hear anything concerning the decision. Caza
  8. Hi Plasticman Don't panic, a lot of Judges have not requested AQs so this is nothing irregular. Give the Court a quick ring as you may still have to pay the fee. Then just sit and wait for directions from the judge. Don't worry a few of the Judges are doing away with bundles now, so if you're not asked for one its not a disaster. When you get your directions from the Judge (may take a week or 2) let us know, you'll find loads of help here. I had an allocation hearing which went very smoothly (Wragge didnt show) and I now have my date for September and have no bundle to prepare. The courts are getting very annoyed with the banks/solicitors at the moment for wasting their time. Don't panic a lot of us have been through it already and never thought we'd have the strength to see it through, but it just goes to show. Caza
  9. Hi all I had an email today from penaltycharges.co.uk concerning the Southend Barclays cases that were heard yesterday. Apparantly it states that claimants of charges from Barclays are to face a Circuit Court Test to prove them as unlawful.... the cases will be heard on 4th December. Barclays sent a barrister to defend 40/50 cases in batches of 10 and made a complete balls up of it. The Judge laid into him for being totally unprepared (he'd even lost some of the paperwork:D), and told him that he was very annoyed that the cases hadn't been sorted out in atimley manner and had been wasting every bodys time. All the claimants are well chuffed as the cases could well set precident. ooooeeeerrrrr. Anybody else heard anything about this? Caza
  10. Jansus you'll be fine. We're all rooting for you and I'm sure your bundle will be tip top:D. It may not even get that far, but if it does you can go do your Ally McBeal on their bottoms. Try a fryup it works wonders when I have a hangover. Best of luck Caza
  11. Dont worry I have my court date for the 17th September and there was no bundle to supply. I think the judges are getting rather peeved at the moment. At least you can save your ink:). Rather interesting my letter also stated thet they should be immediatley informed if the case is settled before hand, and when I had my allocation hearing the Judge was quite suprised that they hadn't attempted to do so already. Don't worry it looks as if a lot of Judges will now not request bundles, its just a waste of time for everyone. Caza
  12. Well done both of you' It,s such a shame that they make you go through all this c**p they need such a pounding:mad:. Well done anyway. Caza
  13. Hi Stikiuk If you've got your court date tomorrow, and the solicitor whos dealing with your case is off till next week, who on earth are they intending to send tomorrow???????? Obviously no-one, they havn't got a clue have they. Caza
  14. I'm so suprised that you havn't heard from Wraggle yet, however the day is not over yet. I have just had my hearing date and need take nothing with me the Judge has done away with the "bundle". Well done on the Nationwide claim:D. It is very nerve wracking I know. It's entirley up to you wether you ring Wraggle or not,(sorry don't know how to advise you) I would be very suprised if they do turn up. You'll have your schedule of charges, take a copy of your Particulars of claim and like Jansus said remember if they ask say you have breached the contract and the charges are penalties. I have sent 2 nudges to Wragge, the last one sent on Friday and have just received my hearing date for September. If I don't hear something soon I may be tempted to ring them, particularly as the Judge was suprised that they hadn't settled yet. Good luck, Caza
  15. Hi all I have been reading alot of threads and noticed that more people are choosing to go down the FO route, as its free and you can still take them to court if you're not happy with the reply. I'm not saying you should do this just another opinion, but if they have taken so much money in a 2 week period maybe the Fo would be worth a try. I have read on here (somewhere) where somebody phoned the Fo filled in a form and received the total claim back within 4 weeks. It's worth looking into. At the end of the day it's a personal decision, whatever you decide you'll get loads of help on this forum. It's been my saviour:D Caza
  16. Hi all Just got my hearing date for 17th September. The letter states: BEFORE District Judge Ayers sitting at Bedford County Court on 2 July 2007. UPON HEARING the claimant in person and the defendants not attending AND the claimant filing with the court the schedule, being handed to the court today. IT IS ORDERED THAT: 1. The claim be allocated to the Small Claims Track The hearing will take place at blah blah blah and should take no longer than 2 hours. The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement befor the hearing date. 2. Dispense with statement/documents. Well all in all I think I look really good cos I turned up and they never. Still waiting to hear from my 2nd Nudge to Wragge sent on Friday. I like the bit in bold print, and I assume Wragge get a copy exactly the same. You never know what the next few days hold;). Well at least theres no court bundle to do, seems to me that the Judge is getting miffed with the banks wasting time, and then settling. Will keep you posted. Caza x P.S My Milf would have to be BillieJo Armstrong from Greenday.mmmmmmm
  17. Hi Clare When I had my allocation hearing on 2nd July, my Judge was most suprised that they hadn't made an offer to settle. Just got my hearing date for 17th September and all statements and documents have been dispensed with. I was in and out within 2 minutes and the Judge was soooo nice. Yet again Wragge did not turn up, waht a suprise. Caza
  18. Hi Jayco It's up tp you if you want to accept the offer, although it does sound rather good:). Give the court a quick ring, you may still have to go to let the judge know about the offer, and it would be good to have something in writing. The courts can be very helpful and will let you know what you have to do. Like I said it is a good offer though, think of the fun you could have spending it, and think of the times when you thought you'd get nothing back:). Still a victory in my book, well done:D. Caza
  19. Well done Magpie Not wishing to be a party pooper but make sure that you receive this offer in writing. Inform the courts that you have been made an offer, but don't stop your claim yet until you see that money clear. Sure you know all about this anyway. Brilliant news Caza
  20. How very interesting.....can't wait to find out what it is!!! Will read your thread later when you've posted. Caza
  21. Finally.......Do you think I should send a copy to the BBC?
  22. Thanks for all your advice:D. Have sent one copy to court and one to A&L and of course one to Wraggle, recorded delivery of course, have also emailed them amd the lovley Mr Sargent. Very proud of my letter tried to show my husband but he couldn't be bothered to read it, so never got pat on head or merit badge. Spongebob a WILF is some sort of geeky moron, check out his picture. See another word you can add to your repertuar(aint got a clue how to spell it).. Will let you know what happens . Caza:cool:
  23. Thanks to all of you for your fab advice:D. One more question, when I send my rejection letter quoting their use of the Berwick case, I want to send a copy to the Judge to attatch to my file and also to A&L. Can I use without prejudice on my letter as its being sent to court??? oh OK 2 questions, somebody once posted an address for the dept in A&L that deals with all this stuff, I can't find it anywhere:confused:. On a lighter note have just read Clark Sargents profile on Wragge.com, what a WILF;). although it is nice to put a face to the name. might print it out and stick it to my dart board:cool:. Caza
  24. Hi all Still not received anything from the courts BUT today received an interesting letter from Wragge in reply to my nudge email i sent them. It states: Without Prejudice We refer to your email of 9 July The offer set out in your email is rejected. However, our client is prepared to make a without prejudice counter-offer to you on the same terms as set out in its letter of 18 April, but subject only to replacement of the offered amount of £358.50 with an offer of £713.25. This offer is made without admission of liability, and is made simply to avoid the risk of litigation. For example, on your side, you will be aware that it is possible that the Court will decide against you and make you no award (as, for example, happened in Berwick v Lloyds TSB Bank plc, where the claim was dismissed in its entirity); or the Court may agree with you that our client's charges are too high, but award some fee to our client for the services provided in administering your account in relation to each charge which has been lodged on your account. The offer is made on that basis. We would be grateful if you would consider this offer and then respond by telephoning our Clark Sargent on 0121 210 5041 to advise us of your response; or by email. If you wish to accept the offer, we would also be grateful if you would sign and return to us the second copy of this letter, together also with the original of our client's cheque in the sum of £358.50 sent under cover of its letter of 18 April. We look forward to hearing from you Blah blah blah My firdt thought when I opened the letter was woohoo they're gonna settle, but on reading down they have only offered half of my claim:(. I have been looking on the sight and also on the BBC News site and found some interesting reading. Apparantly A&L sent out a few letters via Wragge to claiments using the Birmingham case as "a precedent". After complaints from customers the BBC was assured that Wragge would be instructed to remove any reference to the Birmingham case. This clearly has not happened. My gut instinct is to reject this offer and send copies of a few BBC reports especially the recent ruling at Hull. However I do not want to be seen as though I am not prepared to negotiate and therefore and wondering wether to put in another offer of a couple of hundred less then my original claim:confused:. Plus the original cheque was sent back with a rejection letter months ago, how thick are they??? Any advice appreciated Caza X
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